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How to Easily Download Twitch Video Clips

Twitch Live Streaming service as it allows for fans to see past Broadcasts of their favorite streamers when they’re offline. Due to how these stored videos expire after a certain length of time has passed however, both streamers and viewers often like to download them and store them locally or upload them to another service like YouTube for viewing afterwards.

Here’s How to Easily Download your own Twitch VOD videos and people belonging to other users.

How to Easily Download Your Own Twitch Video Clips

Twitch streamers may download all of their own previous broadcasts directly from the Twitch site. Based on what kind of account you’ve to (i.e. Regular users, Twitch Affiliate, or Twitch Partner) your window for downloading previous broadcasts will vary between 14 to 60 days after the first stream, and the video will auto-delete itself.

1 : Enabling Broadcast Auto-Archiving: On the Twitch website, click on the drop-down menu in the top-right corner and select Settings. From this page, click on Channel & Videos link and then scroll down to the Channel Settings section. Check the box for Automatically archive my broadcasts. All of your future broadcasts will now save to your profile once they finish.

2 : Downloading Your Videos: From the main drop-down menu, click on Video Manager. This will take you to a library of all of your saved videos of past broadcasts. Under each video thumbnail will be a link that says Download. Click on it to save the video to your computer.

How to Download Someone Else’s Twitch Video Clips

Twitch Leecher is especially designed for downloading videos from Twitch. It has a clean interface and supports downloading Twitch VODs made by any users. Here’s how to save past broadcasts on Twitch with Twitch Leecher.

The very best thing about Twitch Leecher is it may download Twitch videos created by any user on the system. This program can also be updated on a really regular basis to keep pace with important Twitch upgrades and its founder isn’t hard to get in contact with through the hyperlinks inside the program should users have some support requests. Here is the way to set up Twitch Leecher and start using it to download Twitch VODs.

Step 1. To Download Twitch Videos, first click the below link to download and install Twitch Leecher on your computer:


Step 2. After the installation of the Twitch Videos Downloader, run it on your computer and click Search button on the top of the main interface. Then go to Twitch and copy the URL of the Video you want to download.

Step 3. Go back to Twitch Leecher and choose URLs tab. Then paste the URL to the box and click Search button at the bottom of the main interface. The video you choose will appear, and just click the Download button in the bottom right corner of the video.

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Step 4. At the next interface, you can choose the output Quality and output path. Also, you can Crop the video before downloading. After all the settings, just click the App Download button and the Twitch Video will be saved to your computer.

Ways to Download Twitch Videos Online for Free


1: Download Twitch Videos Via Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper is an excellent app that works for downloading videos from different video streaming sites. You can easily integrate this plugin on your Chrome and Firefox browsers and freely download Twitch videos that you want. It supports Twitch, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many more. It detects videos that are playing on the page you are currently on. Although the tool supports downloading HD videos, you can only download MP4 videos online. The function for converting videos into other formats requires the installation of a companion program because browsers do not have the necessary interface for the conversion.

video downloadhelper web interface

2: Download Twitch Videos Via Clipr

Clipr is also helpful when it comes to downloading clips from Twitch. This is an online Twitch clip downloader created for Gamers. The app has a minimalist interface-design, and it comes with a one-click feature that lets you acquire Twitch clips in a single click. Using Clipr, you will be able to save the video as well as the audio of the clip. However, this downloader is exclusive for downloading short clips only. This may not work on downloading Twitch videos. Nevertheless, you can choose from the aforementioned solutions in case you want to download videos from Twitch.

download twitch videos with clipr

3 : Download Twitch Videos Via Online Downloader

If you are looking for a solution that allows you to download both videos and clips from Twitch, then you should consider using Twitch Online Downloader. This behaves as a URL downloader that can download Twitch clips and videos using their URL. This offers support to numerous conversion formats, including MP4, WEBM, MOV, and other video formats. This can also export videos to MP3, AAC, M4A, and more audio file formats. Whether you are using Mac, Windows, or iPhone device, this tool can help you download videos online in your desired format. On top of all these, the app can be used for free and does not require account registration.

twitch online downloader


As you can see from the above, We have already share with you 5 Easy ways to download Videos from Twitch, and you can choose any one of them depending on your own preference. if still get any issue on doing this then please let us know in the comments we will try our best to Help you on this.

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