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There is a dramatic change in today’s economy and the key reason is the triggering of new technologies. Automotive industries are revolutionizing with digitization, technology-driven trends, and state of the art techniques. In that manner car servicing and repairing is important for good grooming of the car. A trusted car company that satisfies all the needs is essential. In that manner pitstop car repairing and servicing center is advisable.

After glimpsing through the Indian Brand equity foundation or IBEF statistics, it is implicit that the Indian automobile industry holds the fourth position. There was a 9.5% increase in sales each year resulting in a profit of four billion units.

The automobile service industry

The high tech automotive sector holds hands with a high-end automobile service market. As car servicing sectors are taken into account, they fall into three broad categories. They are the authorized service centers, local unorganized garages, and multi-brand network.

  • Authorized service centers are ones that take authorized care and maintenance of the car for a specific car company. These fall under brand-specific car service centers. They either work as franchises or company-owned.
  • Local unorganized garages: These are individually owned establishments. They are scarcely equipped, low-overhead, with cheap possible rates and less quality for service.
  • Multi-brand car service: About 65% of out of warranty car owners who hunt for affordable, quality, and flexible car servicing and maintenance look for multi-brand car services.

The beginning of multi-brand car servicing

It was out of necessity the multi-brand car servicing begins. They bridge the gap between local garages and authorized dealerships. When discussing the authorized dealership they relish a monopolized market, where car owners are able to avail services tendered by authorized service centers. While local garages are taken into account, they are the cheapest service centers for cars. Their business runs from second-hand car owners looking forward to saving money with car maintenance.

While gathering statistics about market data about 35% of post-warranty cars march to authorized service centers. The rest 65% head to a multi-brand service center. The cost factor, quality factors are few reasons that lead car owners from authorized service centers to multi-brand service centers.

When taking an in-depth look at multi-brand car servicing they cater their services to after-sale service and maintenance requirements of about 60 million cars. These are a network of workshops that work in an organized manner parallel to authorized service centers. These centers offer original equipment manufacturers, tools, standard car services, utilizing equipment, and machinery at equivalence with the manufacturer. Multi-brands are said to offer excellent quality and service but 40% less than authorized service centers.

Why multi-brands

Before multi-brands came into existence, there were only two choices where the owner needs to drive to the company advised car service or a local garage. Whenever an authorized dealership is taken into consideration, it is a costly deal as necessary replacements are desirable and result in an overblown bill. The key reason for visiting an authorized workshop is for the satisfaction level and peace of mind.

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While opting for a local garage, the pockets aren’t on dent but the car’s servicing isn’t satisfactory. Another fact about unorganized garages is that they rely on infinitesimal budget and decline in quality with spare parts, servicing, etc.

In that manner, the multi-brands are the best. These brands offer servicing needs for myriad car brands. The best facet of these multi-brands is that they offer a warranty on car services along with genuine OES, and OEM spare parts. They also offer complete transparency and accountability with truthful pricing factors. Motor insurance companies also support multi-brand centers as they offer quality repairs and servicing.

Technology aspects

Local garages lag when looking for technological aspects whereas multi-brands are pioneers. They follow the state of the art technological development which is a mandatory resource for multi-brand networks to stand ahead of others in the automotive servicing industry. Today is smart everything and technology make car servicing better.

Why pitstop

To fulfill the entire above said, car servicing at pitstop is a new generation for cars. Customers with just a click are able to book for servicing, repairing and other aspects related to car maintenance with pitstop. They are a massive network spread across all major cities in the country. They are

  • Convenient as they understand the hectic schedule of customers and hence come to your doorstep to pick your car for repair or servicing. They enable free pickups and drops of cars.
  • Transparent as they follow upfront pricing and permit customers to enjoy peace of mind. They follow automatic diagnostics and offer services beyond values. The best feature with pitstop is the real-time updates with every detail.
  • Quality is their prime parameter and concentrates on quality seriously. The skilled technicians make perfect moves in car repairing and servicing as they understand all brands of the car the best. They also offer a service warranty that makes customers come back.
  • Reliable is the key factor that permits satisfaction with customers after handing the cars to pitstop. The car’s handling is safe with expert technicians in pitstop.
  • Payments are easy, simple with online options that are safe for customers.
  • They offer several services such as complete car spa, body repair, exterior rubbing polishing, interior detailing, wash, and wax.
  • They are spread and well run across all the key states in India. They handle all categories of cars with expert mechanics.


The certified garages are prominent across the country as they possess mechanics who are pioneers in dealing with cars. The technicians are knowledgeable and proficient in handling any brand of car. Just a call is ample, and trained technicians arrive at the doorstep to pick up your car for any repairs or servicing. If the issues are minor, the technicians complete it at your doorstep. Any further issues the nearby pitstop car servicing center solves it.

With such excellent benefits and comfort, servicing your car by holding hands with pitstop is a smart way. Accomplish your car service needs and issues with pitstop.

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