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What’s CTF Loader And How To Fix CTF Loader Issues On Windows 10

CTF Loader

Did you open the Task Manager on your Windows PC lately and find a strange CTF Loader message? If yes, then our post will help you to easily and rapidly resolve the CTF loader issue.

The loader of the CTF is generally harmless and does not cause damage to your device if it is fixed in time, even if ctfmon.exe is addressed. However, if it stays on your device for a longer time, it could affect your Windows PC’s overall performance and cause undesirable problems.

You are at the right point if you are upset about the CTF loader in your Task Manager and are seeking a solution. We will cover here in this blog a few simple yet powerful ways to easily disable it.

Let us begin by getting a brief understanding of it before we learn about the possible solutions to CTF loaders.

What Is A CTF Loader?

CTF Loader does not have a cooperation framework and is solely responsible for providing text support for a variety of Microsoft programs such as:

  • Foreign Languages. 
  • Handwriting and Voice Recognition. 
  • Alternative user input options available on MS Office Software

It is usual for C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Windows\SysWOW64 when you begin working on an alternative input device. In some cases, the CTF loader will also run on each boot and will remain active until all MS Office-related programs are closed.

It finds its place in your device’s task manager window and can be ignored without interfering with your device’s normal functioning. The CTF loader can, however, lead to high CPU usage over time and can accommodate your device resources, and need corrective actions.

In addition, you should also look for programs that do not rely on CTF loaders. In such cases, your computer is likely to be infected with a virus that masks itself as a ctfmon.exe.

Is CTF Loader A Virus?

No CTF Loader is a virus; it is a legitimate program that supports Microsoft programs in hand-writing and voice recognition, but there are great chances that you will find a legitimate program that imitates a virus.

  • Improper installation of Microsoft Office can result in an error. 
  • The CTF loader may conflict with the MS Office resulting in an error. 
  • It may result due to errors in language and input packs. 
  • Apart from this, you may encounter it due to the presence of malware or hidden viruses in your Windows device.

How To Fix CTF Loader Issue On Windows PC?

If you’re upset about the CTF loader program in your Task Manager, here are a few easy corrections that help you to disable CTF Loader.

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1- Control And Disable CTF Loader Using Task Scheduler

This method can assist you against your Windows device’s CTF loader problems

  • First, Launch the RUN box by pressing the Windows+R key simultaneously on your keyboard. 
  • Next, in the RUN box, type msc, and press enter or hit the OK button. 
  • Then, The Task Scheduler Window will get launched on your device. 
  • Here, expand the Task Scheduler Library followed by the Microsoft option and Windows folder. 

CTF Loader

  • Now, From the right-hand panel, select the TextServiceFramework button. 
  • Here, opt for MsCtfMonitor and press the Disable button from the right-hand panel.

CTF Loader

In most cases, the above methods can resolve and deactivate CTF loaders, but you can try our Fix number 2 if you have problems.

2- Disable CTF Loader On Your Windows 10 PC

Not only does this method disable the CTF loader, but it also improves overall device performance. How can you do it? Here is:

  • First, On your desktop, right-click on the PC icon. 
  • Here, from the Context Menu, select the Manage option. 
  • Next, from the left-hand panel of the Computer Management screen, choose the Services and Applications option. 
  • Next, search for the Services tab, and from the displayed list, select Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Services. 
  • Here, Right-click on it. 
  • Now, from the drop-down menu, choose Properties. 
  • Under the Startup tab, selects the Disabled tab and chooses the Stop button under the Service Status option. 

CTF Loader

  • Finally, to confirm your action, click the OK button.

3- Disable CTF Loader By Removing Executable Files

If you meet ctfmon.exe often, this is one method highly advocated by security experts.

  • First, From the File Explorer, open your Local Disk C and expand the Windows folder. 
  • Next, New search for SysWOW64 and System32 folders resembling 32 and 64 bit systems and open them 
  • Here, In the Search box, type exe. 

  • Lastly, From the rundown of listed options, delete CTF loader-related files.

Fixed & Resolved: CTF Loader Problem In Windows 10

We hope you can resolve the issue of the CTF loader in your Task Manager following the reading of our guide. Furthermore, we recommend you regularly update and scan your Windows computer for malicious viruses and malware.

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