6 Best Sites like KissManga To Read Manga Online in 2023


KissManga is a good place for people who like Manga and Japanese writing. However, many people need to learn what Manga is and how it’s different from anime. Don’t worry, though, because there are a lot of other manga sites besides kids’ manga. Manga is the style of Japanese comic strips and visual books. It’s usually aimed at younger people. The drawing style used in anime movies and TV shows comes from Japan. Also, it’s mostly aimed at young adults.

Manga would be found in the form of a visual storybook. On the Internet, it is becoming more and more famous. People can now express themselves and show who they are thanks to the Internet and famous manga books. This is very helpful during a disease spread. KissManga is one of the most well-known Workaround services. Individuals can scroll in and interpret a variety of manga books and story arcs.

There are lists of new things on the site for “Most Famous,” “Recent Enhancements,” and “Fresh & Hot.” It does have KissAnime, which is a sister site. Individuals can buy anime from KissAnime. Together, it has been around for eight years and has been pleasing fans and critics with Japanese writing and art. So, KissManga and KissAnime are no longer around.

Is Kissmanga still working in 2023?

KissManga, as well as KissAnime, were excluded on August 15, 2020. It was taken down right away on the same day that the official statement was sent. The statements were made through the KissAnime Discord legal help service. They said these things: The most recent events have crushed many users. Some people have been unhappy with KissManga’s quality and customer service for a long time, though.


Users found advertisements and pop-up windows to be extremely annoying. Readers occasionally see advertisements and pop-up windows that would take them to very bad and unsafe places. Several fans have been upset, but it hasn’t changed much. So, users would make mistakes, like being sent to the main website without meaning to while in the middle of rating.

Legal Complexity

The Japanese government worked together on June 5, 2020. They have changed property laws and made new ones. They aimed to stop people from illegally getting Manga, cartoon movies, and other Japanese works. It would keep rare cases and small crimes from getting punished. However, websites that made money by giving users stolen content would still be shut down. On October 1, 2020, and January 1, 2022, these laws will go into force.

Best Kissmanga Alternatives of 2023{100% Working}

Kiss Manga and maybe Kiss Anime will miss most of its fans and customers and be sad about their deaths. Also, people looked crazy for a new place to rely on with KissManga and KissAnime. The top three Manga, as well as anime websites, are listed in this collection.

1. BookWalker

book walker

See where BookWalker came from and how it has grown. Like KissManga, BookWalker is a website that only has a manga. Other than KissManga and KissAnime, the only other thing that is the same is that BookWalker has its website called Comicwalker.

That website is also in Japanese, so you don’t have to worry about taking it down; Comicwalker is already doing that. Japanese material is present in both places as well.

Most of the people who visit this site are interested in the new books that are added every week and a quarter. Users should go there if they run out of things to read.

You would never get kicked out of anime from this homepage. They recently added Manga to this home page and found your favorite Manga; they should add a search tool. There is still some chaos in Bookwalter’s life. Advertisements are everywhere. As well, the content is somewhat “cramped.”

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2. ComicWalker


ComicWalker has been a site like BookWalker. This site focuses on providing individuals with anime rather than manga. If you look at the website, it could be more pretty. It’s pretty plain, but it gets things in order.

Both the English and Japanese versions of this site are simple to use, and the material is readily available. The ComicWalker app was available on desktop computers and smartphones until March 22, 2020. Now, it’s only available on smartphones.

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3. Viz Media

The company Viz Media was started by Seiji Horibuchi in San Francisco, California, in July 1986. It has become more important since then. This site has become one of the next most well-known and reliable places to buy anime and manga. Their website is set up and organized, which is very cool. Viz does have a huge collection of Japanese anime info for people of all kinds.

The great thing about Viz is that this reading and video content sells. The fact that seasons of many anime shows are provided, as well as paper versions sent by Viz, is appreciated by users.

This example works well because it brings people together by letting customers post pictures of themselves in the “Supporter Zone” photo book on their homepage. It has (almost) only gotten good reviews about the quality of its content, website features, and ease of use.

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4. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the most famous and frequently used Japan’s Largest Anime Streaming Platforms, offering over 25,000 TV show episodes and more than 15,000 hours of Asian digital media. There is no objectionable material on Crunchyroll’s website, which is completely legal and safe.

Crunchyroll has a contract from The Asian Mainstream Press that allows them to stream their material. The videos here are available in many languages. They are easy to watch on any device, such as an iOS device, an iPad, an iPhone, a desktop computer, a Windows phone, an X-Box, a Kindle, and many more.

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5. MangaDex

MangaDex is always the first main option on the KissManga.apk homepage. That website looks good, is easy to use, and isn’t too difficult. It allows for the selection of some important animations. There is nothing on the main site that is controversial or out of date.

It’s simple and easy to get to. For these kinds of things, it’s best to use the KissManga main site. With their choices, people can stream all of the anime. There is a huge library with animations inside.

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6. Read Manga Today


People looking for alternatives to Manga Viewer should check out the website for reading Manga Today. People can easily look at funny things and enjoy some animations as well. It looks like an exact and well-put-together plan website.

It greatly enhances the reading experience of those who do it. This one has a huge library with polls that are completely free. You don’t have to sign up to use the Internet. Effective, thin, and simple to handle and interpret.

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This means that KissManga is the best website for anime on the Internet. It is one of the most important things you can do to have more fun and free time. As well as quickly, there are a lot of images. It can work all day.

Following that, when talking about the best KissManga Alternatives internet sites, the customer should know a lot about KissManga’s main site immediately. I hope you found a good solution to KissManga that you can use. You will also need to find other ways to do things.

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