Hulu Alternatives For Streaming Movies & TV Shows

Hulu Alternatives

Today, this article is regarding Hulu and Hulu Alternatives that you can use in 2021. There’s no doubt that the trend of video streaming websites and apps were high. This is why we now have a large number of video streaming services on the internet. Some famous video streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, etc., let you watch endless video content hours.

While Netflix is the best video streaming platform, it still does not have an on-demand and Live TV feature. Another great media streaming platform, Hulu, solves this problem. For those peoples who don’t know, Hulu is a famous website that offers TV shows and movies.

Hulu can be utilized for free but with a limited content selection. It does have premium plans, but they are expensive than most of its alternatives. Furthermore, Hulu is available only for US users, and you cannot use it without a VPN. Considering the high cost and unavailability in major regions, it makes sense to look for its alternatives.

Best Hulu Alternatives For Video Streaming

We have selected some of the best Hulu alternatives to watch movies and TV Shows. So, let’s check out.

Amazon Prime Video

Hulu Alternatives
You’re searching for a perfect Hulu alternative that gives on-demand content at a low monthly cost; then you need to prefer Amazon Prime Video. Compared to every other video streaming website, Amazon Prime has more content. The monthly plans are very affordable compared to other streaming services.


Hulu Alternatives
Crackle is free of cost online video streaming service backed by Sony. You can see movies and other video content for free, but it includes commercials. If you require to remove ads, you can use ad blocker extensions. Crackle is excellent for those trying to cut costs but still want to catch their favorite movies and shows. Every video content was uploaded in HD quality, and it’s 1 of the best free Hulu alternatives that you can visit right now.

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Hulu Alternatives
Another best Hulu Alternative is Netflix. Compared to Hulu, Netflix has a very cheaper plan. The 1 thing that makes Netflix different from Hulu is its availability. It does not matter if you live in Italy or the US; you can access Netflix from anywhere. If we debate about the content, the site has lots of exclusive Movies and TV Shows.


Hulu Alternatives
The next on our list of the best Hulu Alternatives is YouTube. We don’t need to describe YouTube, as you most probably know about it. YouTube is now the best media streaming site where you can watch endless hours of video content. Nevertheless, do you know that you can even buy or rent movies from YouTube? The movie renting rates are much affordable. If you do not want to rent movies, you could see the free ones uploaded by other users. Nevertheless, don’t expect exclusive or new content on the site.


Hulu Alternatives
The last on our list of the best Hulu Alternatives is Vudu. Vudu, owned by Walmart, also gives many popular movies and TV Shows. Nevertheless, the only drawback of Vudu is that it’s not free. Also, there’s no free trial to check the content. It is a platform from where you can buy TV shows and movies, much like Amazon. The thing that makes Vudu different is its deal section. You can frequently visit the deals page grab your preferred movie title at an affordable cost.


So, these are the 5 best Hulu alternatives that you can consider. I hope this article benefited you! And If you know of any other such sites, let us know in the comment box below.

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