Freelancers’ Instagram Profiles: How to Make Them?


Do you often wonder if Instagram could be a good way for freelancers to find new clients? The answer is yes if you do. But the biggest problem is figuring out how to get and keep great leads. Customize your business‘s Instagram page to make it easy for potential customers to know about your services.

For the goal clients, the content on your page should be catchy and educational in various ways. Highlights the voice of your company in compelling content. Here are some ways that a freelancer can build a great Instagram profile.

Create a professional business account

It is the first step to making your freelance business work. You can set up a professional business account on Instagram immediately. This account is not like most others. It has a lot of tools that can help you get more freelance clients. There are call-to-action buttons and dashboards for business insights that can be used.

Invest in great IG profile ideas and customize them to get more clients with the many features available. The account’s look should send a clear message to your subscribers about what you can do. Still, you can customize your freelancing business account with the help of many online tools.

Instagram is mainly thought of as a phone app, but there are popular tools that let you create and post content from your computer. With these tools, you can use Instagram on a PC, and many people do. As a freelancer, you can use these editing tools to create an eye-catching Instagram business account profile and plan your posts. But only some instruments will meet your wants. Make sure to uninstall apps from your Mac or PC if you want them to run faster and work better.

Be open and consistent 

Do you want to know how to get clients on Instagram? Things will get better! You can save all of your Instagram Stories in groups of highlights that you can find under your bio. People will learn more about your action, accomplishments, services you offer, and prices as a result.

Highlights help users and possible clients find their way around your site. If something has changed, remember to update them. Create a different post informing customers that your services have changed to ensure you will be truthful with them.

Freelancing healthy means being honest about your brand and staying true to your brand. It would help if you considered what you put in your feed and how you put it there. How often you post and what you say in those posts depends greatly on your business. The golden rule, however, is to give viewers time to process the information. In order to balance this process, try using automation tools and always give people interesting and catchy information. Posts can be prepared and published at a particular time with their help. There are no longer worries about posting something too early or too late. People will see the services you give often enough and when they are ready to pay more attention.

Visual is a top priority for a successful Instagram page

You can only make your social profile look good with stylish full-length pictures. Even though writing is still important, pictures must be eye candy to keep people on your page. People who look at your business account on Instagram need more time to be ready to take action. Get them to stay longer so they can see the right picture.

The best way to get around this is to spend money on good profile pictures and popular material. When you can, share the great posts that bring you more leads for your freelancer business. You can make small changes to your posts or use the same post a few weeks apart.

It keeps your company in the minds of potential clients and encourages them to take action instead of just looking. Your profile picture and posts should send a clear and strong message about your freelancing business.

Add contact information and hours

Even though you can quickly add your contact information and working hours to your main website, some clients will also expect it on Instagram. Add contact information like an email or phone number below the freelancer’s username on the bio. Clients interested in this information will be able to save time scrolling.

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It is very important to say the working hours, especially if you work for foreign markets. Some experts are ready to take advantage of gaps in the market and work at night to get the job done for clients far away. 

Instagram has changed from a place to share pictures of your trip to a solid business platform where freelancers can find clients and recruiters can find new employees. Freelancers may also think about good job offers. So, take advantage of these chances and show that you’re open to different ways of working together. Look into the details of foreign payroll to ensure that employers from the countries you want to work with won’t have any legal problems with you. 

Sounds too much? No worries. Start by making an interesting and educational Instagram bio and let people know you’re open to working with them on different projects. Give possible clients or employers more information about you in your posts or highlights.  

Any bio needs to be brief and to the point. Its main job is to get possible clients to take the desired action. And when the clients take the “desired action,” there should be a way for them to reach you. To keep the clients you already have, you need to build good relationships with them. Some of the best ways to build a strong group and improve communication with subscribers are:

    Paying attention to every reaction: Everything your fans do on your Instagram account is important. That’s why responding to every message, comment, or other thing followers say about your services is a good idea.

    Please talk about your customers: The best way to build a strong group is to mention great clients when you respond to their comments. A message goes right to their email, which shows you care about them.

    Respond to important questions directly: Respond to clients when they call you. Getting back to them quickly will show that you care about what they say

Highlight all your locations, rewards, and reviews

Highlighting your locations on your Instagram profile page is a great way to show customers where you accept clients. Do you get jobs from certain countries or work with clients worldwide? The goal should be more than just getting a lot of clients. Focus on what you’re good at if you want to give great service.


Different clients from different parts of the world will have different needs. It could be how to format their work or what information they need to include.

On your Instagram profile, talk about the rewards you’ve gotten and the good things your clients have said about you. Review your thoughts for your IG profile often. A great way to build credibility is to list your rewards and good reviews.

Update info regularly

Do you still need to learn how to get clients on Instagram after doing everything we’ve discussed? If so, you need to improve your strategies so everything stays new. Everything else on your IG profile, except for your freelancer username and contact information, can be changed often.

Keep old information from slowing down your business as a freelancer. Are your plans for your IG profile still good? What do you think of the information you put in the bio? The best freelancer bios should be updated regularly for special promotions beyond the homepage. Use the most recent Instagram bio design to make things look lively.

The more business experience you get, the more your business coverage grows. The number of locations you will visit is related to this. If a post brings in fewer leads than you hoped, you should change it. Think about what might be wrong. To get a lot of clients, learn new strategies for scheduling posts.


A great Instagram profile page always has clear information about your services that is regularly updated. Catchy images and thought-provoking writing draw the user’s attention. To reach you, your bio must include all relevant contact information. You publish your posts on time and create them frequently. Potential clients know that you are a real person, know your capabilities, and appreciate the visual solutions on your page. All of these things make up a great Instagram profile for a freelancer.

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