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ExtraTorrent Alternatives

This article is regarding ExtraTorrent and ExtraTorrent Alternatives That you can use in 2021. The file sharing scene is in a constant state of turmoil. Torrent websites come and go, and only a few ever manage to attract a sizeable following of users. ExtraTorrent was 1 such torrent site. Nevertheless, the original version of ExtraTorrent is no longer available, much to the disappointment of its fans. What ExtraTorrent enthusiasts are left with are several mirrors of the original site as well as many other torrent websites that have much of the same content as ExtraTorrent did.

Note: Enable your VPN when downloading torrents.

The List of ExtraTorrent Proxies & Mirrors:

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Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives That You Can Use

To many torrent consumers, ExtraTorrent was the only torrent site that mattered. Nevertheless, it was never the only torrent site on the internet, nor the most popular one.


ExtraTorrent Alternatives
The First on our list of the Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives is Zooqle. Zooqle is quickly emerging as a famous alternative to ExtraTorrent and other large torrent sites. Currently, you can get over 3.5 million torrents on Zooqle, with over 1,000 torrents being added every day. It’s safe to state that Zooqle’s modern design and excellent functionality have a lot to do with the site’s increasing popularity.

Right on the homepage, you can view what the most seeded torrents are, search for torrents by name, or browse newly added torrents. Zooqle is available in Russian and English, and we expect more languages to be added as time goes on.


ExtraTorrent Alternatives
LimeTorrents is a similar site like ExtraTorrent. It is a general-purpose torrent site that seems to be growing and evolving despite the current stagnant nature of the file sharing scene. Recently, LimeTorrents introduced a reworked homepage, highlighting a sleek design with large buttons for famous categories and a search-bar that’s virtually impossible to miss.

Unfortunately, the rest of LimeTorrents is not nearly as well-designed as the homepage, but you shouldn’t let that prevent you from enjoying the site. After all, what values most is the content, and LimeTorrents does not disappoint in this regard, giving everything from movies to TV shows to games to music to apps to anime.

The Pirate Bay

ExtraTorrent Alternatives
The next on our list of the Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives is The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay is 1 of the oldest torrent sites on the internet, and it has done more for file sharing in general than any other site there is. Its founders have been waging battle with law enforcement and copyright watchdogs for years, and some have even ended up in prison.

Even though most Hollywood studios would love to see The Pirate Bay disappear from the face of this planet, the website has remained online to this day, hosting infinite torrents belonging to many different categories. This website is available in 35 languages.


ExtraTorrent Alternatives
Another similar site like ExtraTorrent is known as 1337x. 1337x is likely the most stylish torrent site right now, and it’s probably how people who are not familiar with file sharing imagine all torrent sites to look like. Notwithstanding the modern design of its homepage, 1337x has been around since 2007, serving new content to countless torrent users worldwide.


ExtraTorrent Alternatives
The next on our list of the Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives is RARBG. RARBG is a famous torrent site with the latest movies and TV shows. Unlike several other torrent sites, RARBG is well-organized and has a clean layout. Every torrent hosted on RARBG features a brief description, cover art, screenshots, and other relevant information. Movies and TV shows are usually available in several different resolutions and bitrates—from SD all the way up to uncompressed 1080p Blu-ray rips.

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Besides TV shows and movies, RARBG also has categories for games, music, software, and adult content. Its community is tight-knit, and the tracker itself seems to be controlled by experienced operators who understand how to serve the needs of the file sharing community.


ExtraTorrent Alternatives
KickassTorrents is 1 of those ExtraTorrent alternatives that don’t need a lengthy introduction. The website launched in 2008, and it at one time enjoyed over One million visitors a day. Even though the current incarnation of KickassTorrents is not quite as popular, it’s still among the most visited torrent sites in the world.

KickassTorrents possesses a simple search page that looks a lot like Google Search. Also, You can switch to an alternative homepage, which displays popular torrents across all main categories (movies, TV shows, music, games, anime, applications, books, and lossless music). The alternative homepage has its search bar, and it also gives you access to the community section, where members discuss torrenting in different languages.


ExtraTorrent Alternatives
YTS is a similar site like ExtraTorrent. YTS is a successor to YIFY Torrents. Just like its predecessor, It is a source of high quality movies that don’t take a long time to download, thanks to their best optimization. Although YTS looks and feels just like YIFY Torrents, the site is run by different people.


ExtraTorrent Alternatives
It is a great-looking alternative to ExtraTorrent that has TV shows, movies, music, games, anime, software, books, and other torrents. The website isn’t riddled with annoying ads, and most content it gives is legitimate and secure to download. Of course, any torrent website has its share of bad apples, but it’s greatly rare to see a malicious torrent among famous torrents on TorrentDownloads.

When downloading a torrent from TorrentDownloads, you’re temporarily redirected to, which is free of cost service for caching torrent files online. TorrentDownloads does this to defend itself from a potential lawsuit by copyright watchdogs. Several other torrent sites do the same thing, and some don’t even let their consumers download torrents at all, offering only Magnet links.


ExtraTorrent Alternatives
The next on our list of the Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives is Torlock. It offers over 7 million verified torrents, with hundreds of new torrents being added every day. The site is responsive and fast, and its familiar layout still feels very much relevant in 2020. Torlock users can find a selection of famous torrents right on the homepage or categories they can browse on this site, including everything from movies and TV shows to games and anime.

Adult content is also present on the website, but it’s confined to its category. Well, you don’t need to worry regarding downloading an adult movie by accident. It has a news section that aggregates files sharing related news stories from various news websites, mainly TorrentFreak. If you download torrents daily, we suggest you visit the news section at least once a day so you understand what’s going on with laws and regulations.


ExtraTorrent Alternatives
The Last similar site like ExtraTorrent is Torrentz2. It is a metasearch engine that uses several other torrent sites to collect search results. Because Torrentz2 does not store any torrent files, the website has managed to avoid the attention of the copyright watchdogs and law enforcement. Torrentz2 does not feel as cozy as some of the other torrent sites highlighted in this article, but it always manages to get the best torrent available.

Final Thought:

Not several torrent sites manage to become as famous as ExtraTorrent. While the ExtraTorrent is no longer online, many great ExtraTorrent alternatives offer an abundance of high quality content to file sharing enthusiasts from around the world.

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