The Complete Picnob Instagram Viewer Review


Those of you who use Instagram may have heard of Picnob or Pixwox. These are free tools that make it easy to consider and download Instagram photos and videos. This page talks about everything about Picnob, such as its features, rivals, comparisons, and validity.

What Is Picnob?

The free web app Picnob lets you easily view or download Instagram stories, videos, and photos. People who spend a lot of time on Instagram and want to find their best photo posts and content in one place will love this platform. This app has nothing to do with Instagram and doesn’t store or host Instagram content. Instagram users hold all rights. However, this Instagram player offers a sleek user experience that is easy to browse, making it easy to find your best photos and content.

How Picnob Works?

You can view and download Instagram photos and videos with Picnob. The tool is free and does not require registration or logging in. This tool lets you view or download Instagram posts by copying and pasting their URL into the search box. After that, Picnob will get the data from the Instagram app while hiding the user. You can use Instagram even if you don’t have an account. This platform has nothing to do with Instagram and doesn’t store or host Instagram content. Instagram users hold all rights. Users can only view and download Instagram content on Picnob, a platform.

How To Use Picnob?

Follow these steps to use Picnob to view and download Instagram photos and videos.

Go to to see the Picnob website.

Note: When someone buys the name, it is redirected to so that you will be taken to Pixwox

  • In the search box provided, enter the Instagram username of the profile whose photos and videos you want to view or download.
  • Click on the Search button to view the profile.
  • Choose which photos and videos you want to download from the profile.
  • The photo or video you want to download should have a Download button next to it.
  • The photo or video level you want to download should be chosen. You can select from three levels of quality.
  • Connect the Download button to keep the photo or video to your computer.
  • Picnob Pros and Cons

Picnob Features

View Instagram Profiles

You can view Instagram accounts, even hidden ones, with Picnob. Also You may browse profiles, search for hashtags, and view profile photos and videos from private accounts. You can quickly find the content you want without spending time because it offers a comprehensive view of Instagram.

Explore User Interactions

Instagram user interaction can be examined using Picnob. You may view posts that have been liked, commented on, or shared and follow or remove users. Additionally, you may see who has looked at your profile and who you most recently follow or remove.

Privacy & Security Features

This tool cares a lot about safety and privacy. You can use it privately because it does not require logging in with your Instagram account. It also doesn’t store or host any Instagram content; Instagram users own all rights. You may use it without worrying about the security of your personal information.

Advanced Search Features

It offers a combination of search features that enable you to find the required content quickly and easily. You may search for content by person, hashtag, location, or any other word or phrase related to the content you want to view or download.

Picnob Benefits

Streamlined Organization

Picnob lets you quickly gather all of your best Instagram stories and photos in one place without much trouble. This makes finding the content you want to view or download easy without looking through your whole Instagram feed.

Easy Accessibility

With this app, you can view your preferred Instagram content from anywhere at any time. Whether on a computer or a phone, it only takes a few clicks to view and download photos and stories quickly.

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Enhanced Privacy Settings

This platform is meant to keep your privacy and identity safe. You may use it with security, knowing that your privacy is protected, as it does not require you to log in or reveal personal information.

Customizable Themes

Picnob offers several programmable styles that enable you to customize your view. You may choose from different colors and styles to make a look that suits your tastes.

Comparing Picnob With Other Instagram Viewers

Pikdo vs. Picnob

Pikdo is a well-known Instagram reader that lets you view and download public profiles, posts, and stories. However, Pikdo’s UI is different in some important ways. You can search for hashtags and users on Picnob and assemble groups of your best content. Pikdo doesn’t offer a tool for collecting.

Instagram vs. Picnob

It’s no surprise that Instagram is the most popular way to view Instagram. While Instagram is a great way to share photos and videos, it does have some restrictions. You can only view content posted by people you follow on Instagram, which is one of its most important limitations. Regardless of whether you follow the person, Picnob lets you easily browse profiles, search for hashtags, and download any photo or video you want.

InstaDP vs. Picnob

Another well-liked Instagram app, InstaDP, lets you view and download profile photos. InstaDP lets you view and download profile photographs in high quality, while Picnob does not offer this function.

Picnob Alternatives


The Instagram reader and downloader Pictame lets you look at and save photos, videos, and posts from your Instagram profile. It’s easy to use and does not require registering. Log in to your Instagram account and connect the search button to start.


If you like to download Instagram videos, photos, or stories, you can use the free web app Instaoffline.


Ingramer is a paid Instagram marketing agency that offers a variety of features, including profile analysis, topic search, and post timing. It lets you view and download photos and videos from Instagram. Even though it is a paid tool, it presents a free trial to test its features before signing up for a membership.


Picuki is a free Instagram reader and downloader that allows you view and download Instagram content, including photos and videos. It requires no program installation and is simple to use. Enter your Instagram account on the Picuki website, then browse their content.

Picnob Drawbacks

Limited Functionality Compared To The Instagram App

Picnob is an Instagram downloader and view, whereas the Instagram app offers a variety of features like comments, liking, and chatting. There is no way to connect with other users or have conversations. You can only browse and download content.

No Interaction With Other Users

It only offers one-way interaction between users and their accounts. You may browse and download their content, but you need assistance speaking with them or participating in talks. Lack of interaction may make it harder for you to connect with other users and get more people to follow you.

Risk Of Downloading Harmful Content

Picnob lets you download any Instagram content that is open to the public. This means that you could download inappropriate or harmful content. Be careful when downloading content and ensure you are not breaking Instagram’s rules or copyright laws.

Risk Of Malware Or Viruses

There is always a risk of getting malware or viruses when downloading content from Picnob or any other app. While downloading any content from the internet, it is important to use security software and be cautious.

Is Picnob Safe To Use?

It’s “Safe” for adults to use Picnob but “Not Safe” for kids. Although the website is typically safe for adults, it may contain inappropriate content for kids.

The Bottom Line:

Instagram users who want to view and download Instagram content should check out Picnob. Its easy-to-use interface lets you quickly search for and download Instagram photos and videos. It presents a tool that helps users find famous hashtags in their posts.

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