Esport and Gambling – What will the Future Hold?

Esport is a phenomenon that has been around for more than two decades. Even though it has been around for such a long time it is only over the past years that its popularity has begun to grow to an astonishing amount. Bookmakers have started to take notice of the increasing demand for online sports betting on Esport, where the player base for specific games is through the roofs. Gambling on Esport has become really popular and many use their deep knowledge of team and form to try to prove themselves in the gambling arena. This article seeks to shed some light upon the Esport industry and how it affects the gambling world. For all things gambling, you might wanna consider going to AllGambling for gambling needs.

The institualization of Esport

Esport has grown a lot. This is partly because of the institualization of Esport around the world. In many countries, government agencies and educational systems have put effort and money into having programs and laws for Esport. This has made it so that way more money and focus are going into creating the best circumstances for Esport players. This comes in the midst of an ongoing discussion of whether Esport qualifies as sports and it probably going to end the argument whatsoever. If governments and schools are handling Esport as they would regular sports, one might argue that Esport is a sport.

Furthermore, another argument to be made for the qualification of Esport as a sport is the fact that many sports teams are investing in the industry. If one looks upon North America as a frequent frontrunner when it comes to culture and institutionalization of phenomena, we are seeing a development that surely counts in favour of Esport. Big sports organisations that have their roots in the big three – NBA, NFL and MBA – are investing in their own teams and joining national leagues for games like 2K. This ensures that more and more people give Esport the attention it is craving. Gaming is already a big phenomenon, where people across the world are playing on a day to day basis, but for having fun.

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The media and esport

Esport has seen a great increase in its media coverage. This institutes the phenomeno even more. In Denmark for instance there used to be an Esport channel and the torch was given to a national and popular channel TV2 Zulu, who has made a huge investment in Counter-Strike. The channel shows most tournaments and has a good fanbase. The fact that Esport is being shown on television and not only on the streaming platforms like Twitch. tv goes a long way for the validification of Esport.

Furthermore,  it mainstreams sport. Television as a medium is one that needs fan bases and viewers for it to be valid and betting on Esport to become a mainstream thing is a gamble that might pay off. When looking at a number of players invested in Esport around the world no one can deny the fact that the potential is there for it to become even bigger. By having schools and education for it to grow and develop talent like regular sports – it might be the next big thing in 10 years being on the level of ‘regular’ sport.

Gambling and Esport

Esport has become an immensely popular thing when it comes to gambling. The reason for this is the fact that the different playstyle, teams, maps and other variables are very straightforward to become an expert on. Some gamers have played a certain game thousands of times and they know exactly what needs to be done or what teams are extremely good at. This means that live betting on Esport is really attractive to many players around the world.

A growing market

When it comes to the global betting market it is only going to grow. Studies show that by 2023 the industry will have grown to around 524 billion dollars. This is a terrifying number not only because it is a 9% increase yearly from now on. The market is only going to be growing bigger year after year and there seems to be no end to the gambling industry.

Luckily gambling can be fun if done right and in responsible amounts.

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