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The probabilities are which you’re the usage of kodi as an Alternative to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon video. Way to a big variety of available add-ons and custom designed kodi builds, you may find and stream almost any type of content. This consists of Movies, International stay TV Channels, Sports Programming, Cartoons, Anime, or some thing in between. We’ve got already covered numerous kinds of kodi addons on our website, that is why we’ve decided to dedicate this text to documentaries. Regardless of if you want ancient Documentaries or contemporary conspiracy theories, you have come to the right location.

We recognize which can be presently the Quality Kodi Addons for Documentaries that you can down load right now.
We’re doing our best to discover Fully-Working Best Kodi addons that are well-maintained as well. This is going to be the case with this article as well. During our research, we have encountered several niche Kodi Documentary addons that bring extensive libraries of content. Let’s jump right in.

 10 Best Kodi Addons for Documentaries

Before we continue, you need to be sure that you can Install third-party addons. By default, Kodi allows addons from its official repository to be installed.

1 : Phoenix Rises
2 : IT
3 : The Red Queen
4 : Scrubs v2
5 : cCloud TV
6 : 7of9 AIO
7 : Nole Cinema
8 : Numbers (Numb3r5)
9 : YouTube
10 : The Magic Dragon


1 : Phoenix Rises

Phoenix rises is Truely a mixture of different addons, with every focusing on a exceptional form of content. There’s a class associated with documentaries, wherein you’ll find 25 sub-classes like Crime, Drugs, Economics, Nature, and so Forth.

Other than Documentaries, Pheonix rises can also be used for Movies, Television shows, Track, Cartoons, Stay events, and there’s a Section for Adult-related leisure. We’ve spent some time testing the addon, and we will say that it works without any troubles, by any means.

In case you’d like to download and install Phoenix Rises, you need to download the Team Falcon repository first, found here:


2 : IT

Speakme of Documentary Movies, it comes with useful navigation allowing you to check distinct topics and genres. And if you clearly need to see what’s available as one big listing, you may see that as well. There are loads of titles on provide, lots of them in HD. The addon is short to scrape the web for available resources and has no overall performance or buffering troubles.

We keep in mind that many of you have got been the use of 13clowns these days. However, as you absolutely recognize, this addon is not to be had. However, we now have a the image of 13clowns to be able to maximum certainly make you satisfied. Called it, this addon is all Approximately Movies and Television suggests, with Documentaries being protected as nicely.

Here’s the URL of this Addon’s repo: Make sure to add it to your Kodi via the application’s File Manager, install the repository, and then install the addon as well.


3 : The Red Queen

This Freshly Released Addon makes use of the identical database as our previous advice. However, we all know that kodi addons can be quite unreliable – So having an opportunity is never a awful concept. That’s why we advise installing the purple queen.

This addon’s section devoted to Documentary Movies comes with around 40 genres and masses of man or woman titles. You’ll really need to take the time right here now not to discover lots of exciting titles. And if that’s not enough, the purple queen offers you get admission to to Movies, Tv shows, Sports activities-associated content material and masses more.

If you’d like to give The Red Queen a try, use this URL:


4 : Scrubs v2

Scrubs changed into a extremely famous addon a while again until it someway stopped being the most reliable kodi addon. But, as you may see by its name, scrubs v2 is the second one model of this addon – and if we dare to say, it’s quite better than the unique.

Apart from supplying a huge catalog of Films and Television indicates, you’ll find extra content material options within the ‘more stuff’ folder –Available from this addon’s home display screen. As you can believe, there are documentaries here as properly. Extra precisely, there are 20+ one-of-a-kind genres and subjects, so there’s plenty to watch.

The latest official version of Scrubs v2 can be found here:


5 : cCloud TV

In the global of kodi addons that deliver live streams of TV channels, cCloud TV deserves a unique area. This add has been around for pretty some time and even controlled to expand its library of content. Today, cCloud Television functions Television channels, Films, and TV shows as well.

As you could see, this addon is a possible choice if you’re searching out TV channels that bring Documentaries like discovery or country wide geographic, for example. This phase may be found on the addon’s home display screen, beneath the ‘Documentary’ segment. Internal, you’ll see close to 60 TV channels including animal planet, discovery channel, discovery technology, viasat explorer, viasat history hd, and many others.You can also find non-English channels as well.

And finally, make sure to Read howtodownload’s guide on how to install the cCloud TV addon on Kodi.

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6 : 7of9 AIO

We’re huge fans of all-in-one kodi addons – for apparent reasons. They create a wealth of content material, normally well prepared and without problems accessible. Nicely, 7of9 belongs to that group of addons. Additionally, we Accept as true with you’re going to love this addon in case you’re into big name trek and superstar wars, thinking about that it comes from a developer who’s a huge fan of those film franchises.

In terms of the to be had Documentaries, there are masses (if not lots) of available titles. There are numerous methods to filter out the available content material, and a lot of these files seem to work with out a hitch. Terefore, we truely propose checking this addon to your very own.

Here the URL of the Dimond Wizard Repo: You’ll need to install this repository first, and then access it to install 7of9 (AIO).


7 : Nole Cinema

As you could guess by using its call, nole cinema is mainly centered on Movies. This is a completely unique addon as it scrapes the net for sources normally no longer available some place else. And considering that it comes with a dedicated documentary phase, there’s a chance you’ll discover some tremendously thrilling titles here.

In the intervening time, there are round 40 titles in phrases of documentary films. This might not be the most important library of its kind, but it’s still really worth having it. With this said, we didn’t have any doubt about whether to consist of the nole cinema addon on our listing of the first-rate documentary kodi addons.

Finally, here’s the URL you need to use to install the repository which hosts the Nole Cinema addon:


8 : Numbers (Numb3r5)

In lots of methods, the numbers addon is just like our previous advice. Basically, this addon is focused on films and tv shows. However, there’s additionally a wealthy library of documentary films, who have their very own dedicated category.

Numbers makes use of the equal content filtering device like exodus, so you’ll locate numerous genres and subjects inside every of its content material classes. The same applies to documentaries, as there are 23 sub-categories to pick out from with hundreds of titles combined. In phrases of recently released addons, this surely is one of the pleasant kodi addons for documentaries.

If you’d like to test-drive Numbers, you first need to install the CellarDoor repository, found using this URL:


9 : YouTube

You is probably wondering why we have determined to put youtube in this listing. Nicely, you in all likelihood understand that you could find severa complete-length documentary films on youtube. Those might not be the modern-day Netflix Documentaries, but this list wouldn’t be whole if we fail to mention such an exceptional supply of educational movies.

Once you launch the YouTube addon, you will be greeted by several popular ways to browse the available content. These are Popular Right Now, Browse Channels, and Live. Moreover, you can also sign-in using your YouTube account and access your library of content.

One of the ways to browse documentaries is to use the search option. Next, click on Search > New Search. Type in ‘Documentary’ and hit Enter. This way, you will unlock a whole new section of full-length documentaries with thousands of available titles.

Steps to Install YouTube Using Kodi’s Official Repository

Open Kodi and click on ‘Add-ons‘ in the left-placed main menu;
Next, click on the Open Box icon, found in the top-left corner;
Select ‘Install from Repository‘;
Then, navigate to Kodi Add-on Repository > Video Add-ons;
Scroll to the bottom of the list, where you’ll find the YouTube addon. Click to open it;
Finally, hit the ‘Install‘ button;
After a few moments, YouTube will be ready for use on your Kodi. Return to the Add-ons section, where you’ll see its icon.


10 : The Magic Dragon

Next on our listing of the first-rate kodi addons for documentaries is the magic dragon. Despite the fact that this is certainly one of our current discoveries, this addon has already proved its really worth. In fact, we had been the usage of it on a every day basis.

The various to be had content Material Alternatives at the Homepage, the magic dragon offers a committed section for documentaries. Open it and also you’ll see a long listing of different titles – greater than 1,000 right now. Click on on the identify you want to look at, and the addon will do the relaxation on its personal. the nice aspect is – The majority of film documents can circulate without any problems.

We strongly recommend you to try this interesting addon. Here’s all you need to know about how to install The Magic Dragon on Kodi.


Conclusion :

We are hoping which you’re taking part in your state-of-the-art kodi addons for documentaries. If you set up all the addons located in this Article, you’ll unlock loads of hours of content material on your kodi. We are certain this can hold you busy for a long term.


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