Best Apps And Sites Like Quora: Quench Your Thirst For Knowledge

If you hold a question in mind, you should not have it to yourself and vocalize it. Perhaps it is a question that many have in mind. Thankfulness to Sites like Quora, you can now see all your questions answered and not just explained, you can even get a well-thought opinion on the same. However, how about watching at some of the questions and answers’ sites and apps like Quora.

What Type Of Site Is Quora?

Quora is a question & answer website. Its a platform where a community of users can post their questions and receive answered. The content that is published in the kind of questions and answers and is extremely moderated. The moderators include the users, people at Quora, and bots. You can sign in through one of your social media platforms.

Best Apps And sites Like Quora: Quench Your Thirst For Knowledge

1. Yahoo Answers
2. Reddit
3. QsAns
4. Fluther
5. Blurtit
6. Stack Exchange

Yahoo Answers


Yahoo Answers is one of the most useful websites, like Quora. It is free of cost, and you get points for answering questions put up by others. Although there is a set number of questions that you can answer per day, So, you can earn points by answering questions and improve the number of questions you can ask. This does it a one of a kind question and answer site.



You hold a question about the topic in mind, visit Reddit, and get an exhaustive value of content. It has moved over 11000 unique subreddits or topics spanning humor, music, news, technology, games, movies, you name it, which presents it one of the most reliable sites and apps like Quora. As a user, you give feedback by downvoting and upvoting content.



QsAns is internationally regarded as one of the most helpful sites like Quora, where somebody asks questions and are answered by those who are experienced. In case you are into digital marketing, you can use this platform to give advice, express your opinions, and increase your brand presence.

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Fluther is a site that answers your questions, just like Quora. It provides a neck to neck competition to Quora and, at times, even shows to be better from the moderation standpoint. An excellent feature of Fluther as a question and answer site like Quora is that it has two sections, namely “general” and “social.” While “general” questions are asked for gaining penetrations on a topic, “social” questions are more open-ended.



Blurtit is a nice looking question and answer website like Quora. Once you ask a question, this platform helps you to assign it a category, and if you want to get answered, you will have to sign up. The questions are mostly explained by educated people who have a command on your area of concern. You can even share your information by clicking on the “blurt” option.

Stack Exchange


Numerous of us might have known stack exchange as a forum where only technology fans get answered about computer programming stuff. But ideas have changed now. It now defends answers from a community of users on a variety of topics. In one sense, it is very sorted when it comes to categorizing questions.

More particularly, it organizes questions it gets into 150 sub-websites. And, as a user, you can give feedback by voting it. Repeatedly, it is one of the best questions and answers’ sites where you can earn reputation points by answering, asking, voting, and even commenting on questions. The way you can improve your opportunity on the site.

Why Should I Seek Apps And Websites Like Quora

Initially, in no way do we mean to demean Quora. We like it as much as another netizen. Though, it is always good to have options open. In case you are viewing to gain more perspective on something than why keep your inquisitiveness to Quora, try your hands on different platforms and sites like Quora, and you will be capable of gaining a better perspective. You will be responsible now for analyzing and validating opinions in a much better manner.


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