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Activate Showtime Anytime

Several video streaming websites allow you to stream your preferred movies and TV shows. For example, Showtime Anytime is a video streaming service that you can activate on various devices, including Android, iOS, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, and Xbox One.

What Exactly Is

Activate Showtime Anytime

This streaming website is well-known for its high-quality videos and user-friendly layout. However, the activation process for Showtime Anytime varies amongst devices. We’ve listed the method for nearly every device below.

How To Easily Activate Showtime Anytime On Android And iOS Devices?

The Showtime Anytime app must be downloaded on all Android and iOS devices. Then, activate it by following the instructions listed below.

1 – Launch the Showtime Anytime app on your device.

2 – Search for and tap the video to stream. Tap the “Play” option, then.

3 – Select the name of your streaming service or provider from the list displayed on the screen. If you are prompted to sign in to your provider or service account, the activation code will be displayed. Take note of it.

4 – Open a web browser on your device and navigate to this ‘’ link. 

5 – At this point, log in using the activation code you noted in step 3.

After the procedure is finished, a success notification will show on your screen. This notification informs you that your account has been activated.

How To Easily Activate Showtime Anytime On Android TV And Apple TV?

In addition to Android and iOS devices, Android TV and Apple TV are widely used for streaming movies and TV shows. The activation instructions for Showtime Anytime are detailed below.

1 – Navigate your Android and Apple TV to the Showtime Anytime channel.

2 – Choose the video you desire to stream and click the ‘Play’ or ‘Activate’ options.

3 – The screen will provide a list of service providers. Choose your service provider from the select-down list.

4 – An activation code will be displayed on your TV screen. Take note of it.

5 – Open a web browser on your PC and go to this link:

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6 – Follow the activation steps on the ‘Activate Devices’ page to activate your device. Use the activation code supplied by your Android or Apple TV device.

Once the notification of success shows, you may start using Showtime Anytime on your Android TV and Apple TV.

How To Easily Activate Showtime Anytime On Roku?

Roku is another popular platform for streaming Showtime Anytime videos. This device’s activation procedure is listed below.

1 – Power on your Roku and navigate to the Showtime Anytime channel.

2 – Choose the ‘Activate’ option from the ‘Menu’ menu.

3 – Choose your streaming service or TV provider from the list.

4 – Notice the activation code and note it down.

5 – Open a web browser on your PC and navigate to this link:

6 – Input the activation code on the ‘Activate Devices’ page and use your provider’s account credentials.

How To Easily Activate Showtime Anytime On Xbox One?

Showtime Anytime is compatible with Xbox One, allowing you to stream your favorite movies and TV shows. Showtime Anytime’s Xbox One activation method is listed below.

1 – Turn on your Xbox One and navigate the Showtime Anytime channel.

2 – Open the “Menu” menu and select the “Activate” or “Play” option.

3 – The list of service providers will appear on the screen.

4 – Select and choose your service provider from this list. A code for activation will be displayed on your screen in step 4. Take note of it.

5 – Open a web browser on your computer and navigate to

6 – Enter your provider’s login and password on the ‘Activate Devices’ screen. Then, enter the Xbox One’s activation code.

After entering, you will notice that a message displays on the screen. This success notification shows that Showtime Anytime is available on your Xbox One.

The Bottom Line:

You can use these ways to activate Showtime Anytime on your device. We have listed several methods used by various devices. If you know of any other methods or have questions about the ones listed above, please let us know in the comments below.

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