Why NRIs Perceive Pune as a Great Residential Investment Opportunity?

Real estate Development in Pune

The real estate sector in Pune has quite a vivid picture in terms of its preference for NRIs. The NRIs who wish to invest in properties in India tend to stay away from unfamiliar and over-speculative cities. They either prefer investing in the native cities that are well-known to them or in those cities where they are quite sure of stable returns on investments. Recently, Pune tops the preference list for real estate investments for the NRIs, and the reason is quite simple. The city has taken over all other Indian cities with more than two hundred and ten IT companies, and this has led to the IT-driven demands for more and more residential properties in Pune. With the booming of the IT industry, the real estate sector has also flourished hand-in-hand and naturally, NRIs also prefer to invest smartly by buying flats in Pune either for personal stay or rental returns. They even show a lot of interest in buying luxury homes and higher-mid income spaces such as row houses in Pune. Also, there has been a significant interest in NRIs within under-construction projects as these are available at quite low prices. The investors who focus on the rental incomes often look for flats in Pune in areas that have sustainable demands for flats or row house in Pune from potential tenants.

Why NRIs are so attracted to Pune?

Pune, as an Indian city, is loved and preferred by most of the people, particularly the NRIs, because of several reasons:

  • The city gets to witness an ever-increasing and booming IT industry that attracts talents all across the country, thereby leading to lateral developments.
  • The city is a true beauty as it is a perfect balance of natural visual treats and that of urbanization.
  • Pune has a well-defined real estate sector where NRIs prefer investing to earn considerable returns. Also, after returning to India, they often prefer settling down in a calm and peaceful environment along with all modern amenities, and this is only possible in Pune.
  • Pune’s weather is extremely pleasant and this is another reason that the city is loved by many.
  • The city has an effective education system with several reputed educational institutes that attract students from all over the country.
  • The increasing job opportunities in Pune attract more talents and to accommodate there is increased development of flats in Pune.
  • The main focus of property developers is on the improvement of its infrastructures such as the construction of new roads, broadening of existing roads, construction of flyovers and subways so that they can reduce traffic jams and making public transport more efficient.
  • The city continues to grow and prosper bit by bit. Flourishing of the IT industry is the primary reason that drives the demand for residential properties in Pune.
  • The demand for residential properties in Pune has been increasing so much so that it has about to exceed the supply. More and more investments are being brought in by the property developers, local investment players, and MNCs setting their foot in the city.
  • The availability of row house in Pune has made it even more preferable to NRIs as they are fond of the row house concept that they are quite used to.
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Popular Areas in Pune

 The areas that have the highest real estate values in the city are

  • Deccan Gymkhana
  • Koregaon Park.
  • Model Colony, and
  • Hinjewadi


Other new areas are:

  • Shivaji Nagar
  • Kalyani Nagar
  • Wakdewadi
  • FC Road
  • JM Road, and
  • Nagar Road.


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