What is IP Pro And How To Download This App On A Computer?

The IP Pro is a very useful application if you have a CCTV or IP Camera. This application can remotely view the live video feeds of your surveillance system as long as it is connected to the internet.

With this app, you can also control your camera using its function called PTZ or Pan, Tilt, and Zoom options. This is important if you want to adjust the viewing angle of your camera without touching it physically.

Another good feature of this software is the capability to detect motion which is also very important for creating burglar alarms. If the IP Pro detects it, you will get a notification immediately.

The IP Pro app is available both on the Android Play Store and Apple AppStore. If you are planning on using the IP Pro for Windows or Mac, the only way to achieve this is by running an Android operating system on your computer.

This can be done by installing an android emulator program. The emulator program creates a virtualized environment of an android operating system. Emulators are also widely used around the world. Now, if you want to continue using this method, please check the minimum requirements of this program.

PC Requirements Of An Emulator Program

Since you are going to use an emulator to run the IP Pro, you have to make sure that the specs of your laptop or computer is good enough for running it.

You can check the system requirements below:

  1. First is the processor of the computer. This needs to have at least a minimum of 1 GHz speed.
  2. Second, you have to check the memory or RAM of your laptop/computer. According to the emulator programs, they require at least 2 GB RAM size or better installed on your PC.
  3. Now, we will also advise you to check the hard disk drive space before you download and install both of these programs. Have at least 10 GB so that you can install it without any storage problems.
  4. Emulator programs also require you to have some drivers correctly installed. This includes the graphical processing unit’s driver. Installing or updating it, will also install the DirectX and OpenGL which is a major requirement according to the website of emulators.
  5. Also, consider installing both the .Net Framework and Visual C++ Redistributable. There are emulator programs that require it before you run the program into your computer.
  6. Lastly, you might want to turn on the virtualization technology because it can increase the performance exponentially. Although it is not required, it is recommended to turn it on.
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The next process is the installation of an Android emulator program.

Which Emulator To Choose And How To Install It?

When you try to google the query “android emulator”. There will be a lot of results. If you are new to this, you will get confused because there’s a lot of options to choose from.

Upon our lab test, most emulators are capable to run it, however, in our opinion. The Nox App Player is the best emulator software for running the IP Pro app.

The installer of the Nox Player emulator can be found on its website. Be sure to download the installer compatible with your operating system. Now, after you saved the installer file, double click it to start.

The installation window of the Nox Player will appear in this way. Follow the instruction that you can read on its setup. When the installation has finished, open the Nox Player emulator.

Find the Google Play Store and launch it. Enter your credentials to log in to your account and start integrating it.

You will be able to see its apps once you do this. Now, search for the IP Pro app and after you see it, click the download button to start the installation automatically.

Go back to the home of Nox Player and the shortcut of IP Pro will be there once the installation has finished. Now, to launch it, simply click the icon of the IP Pro app.

This will start this software on your computer. Finally, you can now connect your CCTV into this app.


Some people don’t get comfortable with using an emulator program. However, this is the only way to use it because the developers haven’t released an app for Windows or Mac. Using the emulator program can also have benefits for this type of software because you will be able to view the feeds of your camera into a bigger and better screen monitor.


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