Virtual Platform by VMware

Virtual Platform by VMware

The VMware Virtual Platform was designed by VMware Inc. It allows you to run several operating systems on the same computer at the same time and switch from one OS to another by simply switching between windows without having to reboot the system. The latest version of the program at the time of writing the article is the sixteenth. You can download it from the developer’s website. The size of the distribution kit is 615 MB. The cost of the program is about $180, but you have the opportunity to get a registration key for free for 30 days by filling out the registration form on the developer’s website.

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Let’s figure out more about VMware Workstation, its assets, and how to install the platform.

Why Should You Use a Workstation?

Virtual platforms like VMware are getting more and more popular nowadays. It is explained by convenience, high functionality, and safety. Here you can find the list of main features of VMware Workstation as follows:

  • the ability to run multiple operating systems at the same time;
  • the opportunity to work with virtual machines in both trench and full-screen modes – so switch between virtual machines, specially assigned keys will be used;
  • the ability to run previously installed operating systems without having to reinstall or configure them;
  • virtual machine creation without prior disk partitioning;
  • evaluating the performance of applications across multiple operating systems at the same time;
  • a virtual network is used to share files and programs between different virtual machines;
  • the ability to simultaneously run client-server and web applications on one computer by installing the server part on one virtual computer and the client part on another;
  • enables you to operate several virtual computers on a single device and replicate the operation of a local network.
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Of course, we have not mentioned all the possibilities of this program. To use it on a full scale, you should have a fairly powerful system. The minimum amount of RAM that you need is 256 MB, and it is possible to work comfortably only with 512 MB. In this case, the host system and guest OS can be allocated 256 MB each. The ideal option is if you have 1 GB of RAM installed. This will allow you to execute numerous virtual machines concurrently without any interruptions.

How to Install VMware?

The loading process of the program is quite simple and should not raise any questions. To install VMware, you must have administrator rights on the host system. Please note that at the end of the process, the loading of drivers for virtual devices will begin. They are not signed by Microsoft, so you will need to allow them to be installed in the window that appears.

After all program components are installed, you will need a license key. Enter the combination of letters and numbers that you previously received in an email from the developers, after which the installation process will be complete.

A Brief Summary

Virtual platforms are perfect for cooperation, project and product management, fast data sharing, and business development. You can create emulated workspaces and use a few operating systems at the same time.

One of the most popular workstation solutions is VMware. You can use it in business, IT, education, and cultural spheres. The system gives you an advantage in speed and effectiveness.

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