The Best 10 Apps For Android 2020

Smartphones have become important tools not only in the field of communication but also in all of our daily activities. Every day developers are developing new applications that can make our lives easier. Google Play Store consists of lots of Apps. Some of them are splendid and quite useful, and most of them are of low quality. We will present the best android mobile apps for 2020.

The Best 10 Apps For Android Are Listed Below


1: Bedtime Creatures

Bedtime creatures is an application that plays relaxing music and natural sounds to relax or help you sleep. It can even help people who have problems with ear infections to sleep more easily by covering the ear buzz.

2: Kinemaster

Kinemaster is one of the most powerful video editing applications for android mobile phones. With kinemaster you can add stickers, texts, sounds, sound and visual effects to your video, cut and edit the video frame to frame. It is a very easy program that even the most novice user can use.


IGTV is an instagram application that focuses mainly on long videos up to one hour long. Videos are customized so that one can watch them in full screen (portrait mode). The videos are also accessible from the Instagram app but if anyone wants to create such a video then they will need to download the app.

4: Smartplant

The perfect app for those who have plants on their balconies, gardens, etc. The smartplant application is a database that gives you all the information you need for your plant. How often does it want watering, how much, how much sun, in most part of the area should you put it in and so on. This app also keeps a personal diary of when the plant will bear fruit or need pruning.

5: Houzz

Houzz is an application that deals with the decoration and decoration of the interior of a home. The app has over 16 million home decor ideas, products and many home decor ideas with original ideas. You can also purchase products through the app. It also features augmented reality technology so that with the smartphone camera you can see how a product will look in your home.

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Learn to draw and draw easily with the application. An interactive application that teaches you how to design and paint in a very fun way. The tutorials are tailored to beginner levels and easy for a child to apply.

7: VLC Player

The most popular computer music and video player now and on android mobile phones. Probably the only player that can play all known video and audio formats without installing any extra plug-ins. It also supports video streaming via internet pages.

8: Google Home

Smart devices have taken over our homes. Smart coffee makers, air conditioners, televisions, lamps, switches, refrigerators. The problem with these apps is that they each need their own apk to control them through your smartphone. With the google application, google home enables you to control and manage all devices of most manufacturers without having the apk of all home appliances installed.

9: Fitbit Coach

The best personal trainer is on your mobile. The fitbit coach (formerly known as fitstar) is an application that features hundreds of fitness programs depending on your time, space, and strengths. There are a wide variety of programs for those who want to lose weight or build a beautiful body.

10: Office Suite

A professionally used smartphone should also have a complete suite of office tools such as word processors, presentations and spreadsheets. Word excel powerpoint all in one.

Conclusion :

If you have any questions for us then feel free to leave a comment in the comments section. Stay tuned for more such informative Articles. Thanks for reading.

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