How to Send Free Fax Online Without a Fax Machine or Phone Line

Send free fax online

Save money and time by sending faxes from a phone line or a mobile without any fax machine. The free online fax services enable you to send fax all around the world. If you need to send a fax on a special occasion, for business or personal reasons, you can use online fax services.

Remember, an online fax service can turn your mobile or computer into a virtual fax machine. If you want the best service to manage fax communications, you can use CocoFax. It has a fantastic reputation and frequently featured in the New York Times, Forbes, 9to5Mac, The Verge, etc.

How To Send Free Fax Using CocoFax

With the use of an internet fax service, such as CocoFax, you can increase the trust of customers. It is a convenient, affordable, and fastest option. Remember, CocoFax makes you send free fax quickly like lightening without a phone line.

Make sure to get the subscription of CocoFax with the use of your email ID. After a free subscription, you can get a free trial for 30 days. Moreover, you will need a fax number to send and receive faxes. You will get it free for 30 days.

To keep this number with you permanently, you have to upgrade your monthly subscription plan for CocoFax. Check it out to learn more about online faxes and monthly subscription for office purposes. Remember, CocoFax enables you to say goodbye to phone lines and fax machines. Without a fax machine and phone line, you can send a fax through a web browser.

Keep it in mind that CocoFax is a trustable brand to fax your sensitive documents. You can avoid security and privacy issues with the use of this online fax service. For maximum security, they encrypt your documents to prevent cybersecurity threats.

Remember, CocoFax offers HIPAA compliance services; therefore, it is famous among insurance companies and hospitals. If you want to try it, you will get a free trial and 30 days are enough to evaluate its features and services.

Use a Web Browser to Send Fax

Feel free to use you’re a web browser of your PC or phone to send faxes. See these simple and easy steps.

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Step 01: In the first step, you will get a free number. Fortunately, you are free to choose a fax number of your choice. Remember, a fax number is necessary to manage fax to different mediums. Moreover, you will need this number to receive faxes.

Step 02: Log in to the CocoFax account to access its dashboard. On a corner, you will see the “Send Fax” button. Tap on this button and start composing your faxes.

Step 03: In the “To” section, you will write a fax number of the recipient. The subject field is options where you can write a note for the receiver. In the body, you can create a cover page. Remember, this cover page will become the first page. Now you have to upload your document.

You are free to upload documents in different formats, such as jpg, png, xlsx, xls, docx, doc, and pdf. Once you are done, tap on the “Send” button. CocoFax will dial the number of a target fax machine and transmit the document.

Use Email Clients to Send Fax

With the use of CocoFax, you can send and receive faxes from email clients. Feel free to use all your email clients, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, etc. To send a fax through email, you have to tap on “Compose email”.

In the “To” field, you have to write a fax number of the receiver. Make sure to end this fax number with Draft a cover letter in the body of email, attach a document and click on send.


Overall, it is possible to send and receive free fax online without a fax machine and phone line. Fortunately, several methods are available, including local stores and the fax machine of an office. If you need a reliable and safe option, you can use an online fax service.

CocoFax is a reliable choice for everyone to manage your fax transmission. For your business, you can trust on this service because it needs a stable internet connection. It doesn’t require any phone line or heavy fax machine.

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