How to Play The Seven Deadly Sins on PC with Free Emulator

Seven Deadly Sins

The seven deadly sins is in a 3d cinematic form and it has a novel approach. It covers all the major battles and plot points that can take the player extremely close to the anime series. The game fascinates the player through dynamic combats, thrilling animation and captivating stories that are true to the original series.

The seven deadly sins is a fully dressed game. It is the most complete hero collector game. The characters of the seven deadly sins have universal appeal, even if any player doesn’t know anything about the character, he will find a character that he can relate with some and can probably get attached. The story of the game is served up to the players as they proceed in the play.

It’s an exceptional cinematic game that is not entirely based on the two hero characters’ monologue. It involves full cinematic cutscenes which enable other players to enjoy and play the game even if they don’t know anything about the anime or manga series. It is free to play for everyone and is electrifying.


There are four types of units in this game:

R Unit:

It is the most primary and universal unit in summoning. The characters have low stats and basic skills and can only advance up to 30 levels.

SR Unit:

It is a unique unit and is stronger as compared to the R unit. The characters in the game have higher base stats and more dynamic skills and the characters can lead up to 40 levels unit can mature into the SR unit.

SSR Unit:

It is an influential and dominating unit. It is a rare unit for summoning. It has great base stats and energetic skills. The characters can level up to 50. SR unit characters can grow into SSR ones.

UR Unit:

It is the most authoritative unit in the game. It is the final transformation of the characters and has the highest base stats and the characters can progress up to 60 levels and they can boost up by the red demon horns, Grey demon wings, and Crimson demon ears to level up to 80.



The gameplay and the characters are defined as the game progresses. The holy knights are bluff and the players’ job is to cooperate with the princess Elizabeth and Meliodas, who is the captain of the titular seven deadly sins. The player needs to find the rest of the group and rescue Lioness from the holy knight.

Advantages offered by the Tavern:

Right when a player isn’t an astounding individual with his ability and doing combating capacity, the player can come back to the Boar Hat whenever by tapping the ‘Bar’ symbol on the route menu at the base of many game screens. Meliodas is the owner of the Boar Hat. Furthermore, other than an exuberant bar, inside the Tavern, the player can converse with different characters, cook nourishment (not well, however, in case you’re Meliodas), serve beverages to clients and many more.


The principle story of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross will be the draw for most players, yet there is significantly more going on than simply the sections that advance the general account. To understand everything, tap on the ‘Journeys’ symbol. There you’ll see a menu that flawlessly sorts out and rearranges the game’s substance. Follow the Main Story on the off chance that you simply need to adhere to the unfurling adventure with journeys that keep it moving. You can likewise handle accessible Side Story missions or Village Story journeys as you go over them. For any of them, tapping the ‘Go Now’ catch will take you right to where you have to go. Similar remains for the little Quest menu you’ll find is in the upper-right corner of most other game screens. Simply tap on the mission you need to play and you’ll have the choice of hopping straightforwardly to it. Each mission you enter goes through a portion of your Stamina all out, which you’ll discover directly under your name at the highest point of the screen. If you’d like to explore things all alone, tap the ‘World’ catch and you’ll be taken to the world guide.

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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross offers a turn-based battle with simply the smallest sprinkling of game mechanics. In each fight, you’ll have a group of three characters and go head to head against at least one influxes of adversaries. Each character you control has two unique abilities, which show up haphazardly as a progression of cards at the base of the screen. At the point when it’s your turn, you can tap three abilities in the request you’d like them to determine.

It doesn’t make a difference which character the abilities have a place with; one legend can assault multiple times in a single turn if that is the thing that you need to do and they have three aptitudes in your “grasp.” You can likewise drag one card by an indistinguishable one to consolidate them and structure a more grounded variant of that expertise, however, that utilizations up one of your three activities for the turn. After the entirety of your abilities resolves, the foes go ahead. Under the wellbeing bar for each character are five spots that top off during battle. At the point when they’re lit, you’ll approach that character’s Ultimate ability, which is commonly excessively incredible assaults that target at least one adversary.

SSR heroes:

Like most gacha-style games, Grand Cross has a wide extent of legends to add to your grouping across four anomaly levels: R, SR, SSR, and UR. A couple of characters can be gotten as excursion rewards, in any case, generally, you’ll be scrambled toward the ‘Draw’ tab to use either exceptional tickets or Diamonds, the game’s first-class cash, and leaving your destiny to the whimsical impulses of the gacha spirits.


By logging in daily and completing the quest the players can obtain the diamonds. The player should keep an eye on the achievements and should not ignore the villager’s quest as they can help the player to get diamonds.

Upgrade heroes:

Evolve the units of heroes by awakening, the abilities of the hero, thus making player hero stronger. The player can also boost up the hero equipment.


The Seven deadly sins on PC can be enjoyed by installing LDPlayer. LDPlayer is a free android emulator that enables the user to play Seven Deadly Sins on PC. It allows the players to enjoy the big screen and it enables them to hold full control of the game with the help of keyboard, mouse, and controller. The user can play the game freely on LDPlayer as it does not restrict the user and makes the game smooth.

It finishes the limitation of the battery and gives comfort to the user. It also provides a key mapping option to the user so that the players can enjoy the game. It also provides the flexibility of rotating screen landscape. Set the style of game which you need and set the default key mapping or whatever you incline towards for the game.

LDPlayer is the best free android emulator with unlimited oversight over the ongoing interaction mechanics of the game. Set the recommended settings of the game on the PC for the best performance. If it lags or disrupts the best gameplay you can always lower the setting for the best experience.

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