How to Get a Second Phone Line?

The most foolish yet very common mistake that a new start-up or small business does is using the personal phone number for professional purposes. This single step can create enough mess for you and your business’s brand image. The worst part is these hassles remain hidden and do the damage in a very hush-hush manner.

If you are using your phone number for business purposes then:

  • Your family members have to wait to get connected with you when there is some urgency.
  • Your customers will not be able to project you as a professional player.
  • You will miss some of the very business-driven telephony features.

These are just the outline of what you will miss without a second phone line. The reality is far deep and harsh. Well, you can get rid of all these hassles in no time with an online phone number.

It’s a type of virtual phone number that makes use of the internet for call transmission. Without having an actual phone number, this facility allows you to receive calls without revealing your number to any business associate.

Whether you want to open a new business or looking for an extension on the existing, second line offers you an alternative way of calling. Without getting involved in the hassle of buying a new phone number or setting up a new communication structure, this facility helps you to keep your business and personal calls.

Do you think that getting a second phone line is tedious? 

If, yes then let us tell you that it’s not. Getting it is as easy as buying bread from your local grocery shop. All you need to do is contact the VoIP service provider, pay for the service, get the app link, download it, and start calling. That’s it can anything be easier than this? We doubt big time.

The best part is that the app comes with a very user-friendly interface. Anyone can use it without any hassles. Minimum skills are required to use it which again indicates that you need not spend your time and money on the staff training.

It’s more than just an alternative phone number

The way a second phone line helps a business is more than just offering an alternative business phone number and concealing personal phone numbers.

Work without any geographical limitations 

Whether you are using a landline phone or a mobile phone, you will get stuck after certain geographical freedom.

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With a local landline phone number, you can’t make calls from your network coverage area. Similarly, with a mobile phone number, making an international call with a normal plan can dig a hole in your pocket.

But, this is not the case with the second phone number. As it’s an app using an internet connection to make calls, you can call anywhere in the world. Calling local and international using the online phone number consumes almost the same sort of data and doesn’t exert much of a financial burden on you.

Instant response 

When you are using your number for business purposes, either your family members or business associate will have some waiting time. While your family members will be ok with it, your business associates will not bear it if it happens often.

When you use a virtual phone number separately for your business, this situation would be the last thing on earth that you will ever face. Both your personal and business calls will be directed on different extensions. Hence, no caller has to wait. Even if you are busy over a call, the other call will go on voicemail and record the message.

You can listen to the recording and respond accordingly. So, you can fulfill your promise of being at customers’ service around the clock in the easiest way ever possible.

Plenty of business features 

Voicemail, call diverting, and call forwarding is the best features that you can ever get with a landline or mobile phone number. But, with a virtual phone number, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Here, there is a never-ending list of features that supports, empower, and facilitate you at every step.

Features like auto call answer, IVR, on-hold music, voicemail transcription, welcome messages, reporting & analysis, call barring are some of the advanced features that you will get with your second phone line. These features have all the abilities to make things easier and leveraged from ground level.

Enjoy hassle-free business operation 

Nothing could be as messing as using your phone number for business purposes. It’s one of the biggest mistakes that businesses generally commit. A simple subscription of the online phone number will help you get a powerful and feature-rich second phone line.

By using it diligently, you can initiate a progress-driven operational behavior and weave success easily. So, don’t make things complicated. Have a second phone line today.

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