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How To Download Wistia Videos Easily Online (3-Methods)

There are several different video streaming networks. The famous ones like Vimeo, YouTube, etc. Got huge success in this industry. However, there are few other video streaming platforms that still beneath cover due to their minor usage. But it does not mean they are not good or they don’t offer excellent services in comparison with other websites like youtube. In this context, we have discussed everything about “Wistia” and how you can Install videos from wistia for free of cost with hassle-free steps in the year 2020.

What is The Wistia ?

Wistia is the video streaming platform for all of those who watch videos for entertainment, learning, business, and other things. Wistia is not like a regular video streaming website. This website has features like Marketing Software integration, and much more. It is a leading video streaming platform, which makes it easy for Host, businesses to manage, create, and share videos. But what if you like to download the video from Wistia? What is the easiest way to install the Wistia videos? However, there are so many free apps that are available to download the videos, but its always a risk as to its third-party software.

Using a third-party app is still risky as that software is made by someone else instead of a manufacturer.
There is no download button available on the videos Mostly. Apart from that, so many portals say that you can download the Wistia video, but it downloads the video with some Virus or malware which is not suitable for your device. So, it’s better to avoid that third-party software. Now, the question is, how can you Install the Wistia videos without any third-party tools.

Comment down below if you are watching for the software or tools to download the videos of wistia. There are lots of questions like error while downloading the videos. Also, People are searching for wistia alternatives and many more.
Here, in this Content, we tell you a few ways by which you can download the videos easily without using any third-party software. Check out the different techniques and start downloading Wistia videos.

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Methods To Download Videos from Wistia

We have provided a step by step guide to download videos from Wistia, so follow up the given methods and download videos.
Before you download the video from Wistia, you first need to get the video URL. It’s not easy to access a video address from Wistia, which is easier on Vimeo and YouTube. You need to get the URL Link from the Code. The Code of the Wistia video might change yearly. So, check out the These Steps and download the Wistia videos.

Method 1: Wistia Videos From Hidden URL Links

  • First you open anyone’s Wistia video
  • Right-click on the video.
  • See the option of “Copy URL Link and Thumbnail.”

  • CHECK on it.
  • Copy that URL Link and paste it to a blank Text file like Microsoft word OR Notepad,
  • The URL Link which is needed is and ignore other things.
  • Right-click and save the video.

Method 2: Downloader Of Wistia Video

  • First, You get the Code which is after that “wvideo=” (an example wvideo=o1kvat5mfb)
  • Now, adding this Code to
  • Then you can fastly get the URL Link:
  • After creating the above URL Link. Go to The and put your URL Link into it.

Method 3: Download From The Page Source

  • First, You open the Wistia video which you Like to download
  • Tap Right-click on the page and then select “view page source” or add the code “view-source” which is there before the video URL Link
  • Now, Source page, press Ctrl + F key and search for medias
  • You will get a URL Link like –
  • From the URL Link, remove “.jsonp” the original link is


Conclusion :

So, these are the best and easy ways to download Wistia videos easily without using any third-party Softwares in 2020. Using third-party applications are risky, so many of them don’t like to download videos from those applications. The given methods to download Wistia videos are effortless and safe, which does not use any other applications.

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