How To Download Blackjack Onto Your Devices

Blackjack originated in the 1700s and was referred to as Vingt-et-un, which means 21 in French. As a concise and quick game to join and win some money, the game’s popularity prospered over the centuries.

The game’s objective is to play against the dealer in hopes of attaining cards that reach the value of 21. Whoever achieves 21, or comes closest to this figure, wins the game!

For an overview of why and how Blackjack’s popularity has excelled over the years and achieved a following off and online, you can find a summary below.

  • Fast-Paced Game: Players can grasp the rules of Blackjack quickly and enjoy games in short bursts, as opposed to drawn-out games such as poker.
  • Worldwide Understanding: The rules are consistent and understandable across all countries.
  • Excellent odds: With a low house edge, players have a better chance of winning compared to other casino games.
  • Opportunity to socialize: As each player versus the dealer, online users can chat with other players who are also playing the dealer.

If you’re eager to join in on the action and begin taking advantage of the benefits online blackjack offers, such as exciting gameplay and putting your tactics to the test. Below, you can find out how to download Blackjack to a device of your choosing.

Apple Devices

For iPad and apple phone users, downloading Blackjack is quick and easy to do. You need to select the blue App Store icon visible on the main screen. And then, use the search bar to type in Blackjack or casino games, in which you’ll see a list of multiple casino-related apps to choose from.

The recorded downloads and reviews give you an indication of whether a casino app is good. And, you don’t need to limit yourself to one casino app; you can download and play multiple if you wish.

If you’re searching for casino apps, it’s wise to check the app’s spec to see if they provide Blackjack.

Once you’ve made a choice, add the app to your Apple device by clicking download, sign up for an account, and start battling the dealer in Blackjack.

Android Devices

Alongside Apple, android devices maintain the largest share of mobiles worldwide. And so, it’s no wonder casino sites are eager to provide apps suited to android also.

To begin downloading Blackjack, the process is similar to how you would download the app from an Apple device. However, instead of the App Store, you’ll select the Google ‘Play Store’ instead.

When you’re in the store, you can search for Blackjack games at the top of the screen.

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Much like the App Store, you can gauge an app’s popularity from the reviews to help you make an informed decision about which app you want to download.

Once you’ve made a selection, click ‘Install,’ wait for it to download, and then click on the app to sign up for an account to play Blackjack.

Windows Mobile

Suppose you have an alternative operating system to Apple or Android, such as Windows mobile fear not! Although Apple and Android dominate the market, you can still download many casino apps on Windows mobile.

To begin, on the start screen, select ‘Applications’ from the ‘Marketplace’. Here you can access categories to browse, or instead use the search bar to type in Blackjack. On finding a casino app, at the bottom of the screen, click ‘Install’. When it’s installed, you can access your new app in the Games folder.

Blackberry Device

For Blackberry users eager to enjoy Blackjack, here are the instructions for you to begin downloading and playing.

On the main screen, swipe left, click ‘Blackberry World’, and tap the menu option on the screen’s left-hand corner. From here, you can select ‘Apps’ to browse what’s available.

With two options at the bottom to either ‘search’ directly for a specific game or browse ‘categories’. If you prefer to browse, select ‘Categories’, ‘Gadgets’, and then ‘Entertainment’.

To find out more about casino games available, touch an app once. Once you’ve found a Blackjack app you like, click ‘Download’.

Why Are Some Blackjack Apps Available On One Device And Not Others?

The software used to develop apps suitable for IOS are entirely different for Windows mobile. For this reason, casinos must develop multiple apps to cater to other devices. From researching and anticipating the audience, a casino company expects to receive, choose to favor one device over the others.

Which means some devices may not have the same Blackjack apps as others. However, there is still a wide variety of blackjack games for all to enjoy on whichever device you have.

Beyond mobile casino game creation’s technicalities, playing Blackjack on your device is much easier and simple to do by downloading an app instead of sourcing a game directly from the search engine.

Apps are developed by casino companies to give the user the best casino experience possible in the palm of their hand. And so once you download your Blackjack app, it’ll be difficult to tear yourself away.

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