How AI Formulated Chatbots Are Simplifying the Process of Recruitment

The moment organization has gone on to outline the prospectsnext in line is pre- screening. This stage emerges before you go on to schedule interviews or further evaluate a candidate. By pre employment skills testing, you streamline candidates from a pool of resumes based on the role at hand. It also goes on to drive home the point that a candidate has the necessary qualifications in order to apply for a job given.

By the result of pre- screening it is possible to find out whether the candidate moves over to the next stage of a hiring process. No matter however senior the position works out to be by a pre – screening process gives employee an advantage and how to prepare for the role ahead. No doubts to the fact that this is an important information gathering tool. Once you do it properly it helps to pull out things that are not in a resume.

By this method an applicant is also able to understand what the job demands are. In certain cases an applicant could decide in a job interview that he is not interested in a job anymore. The candidate is also in a position to understand about the nature of work, compensation package or be it any additional information about an organization. In fact this step is really crucial as not only it saves time, filters out the right candidates and quality people are brought on board.

In this screening test there are a set of repetitive questions that a candidate has to answer. This test aims to figure out whether a candidate has the required ability, are willing to relocate, what would be their salary expectations and answer any other question that they have. Once the interviews are well articulated it weeds out misfit candidates who are not fit to be part of a rigorous interview procedure.

Manual screening has become a thing of the past as automation is the new buzzword in the recruitment industry. HR bots are going to simplify the process of recruitment and increasing use analytics to figure out whether a candidate is suited for a role. All of us are entering a new phase of the industry powered by AI so as to take the load from an individual recruiter.

By a well thought pre employment skills testing process, you are able to achieve

  • Achieves a right fit for the job
  • The candidate is provided with a seamless process of recruitment
  • Saves a lot of time and effort
  • Insights about the skill sets of a candidate is found

The challenges encountered by HR during the process of recruitment

In the last few years the process of pre- screening has gone on to become a challenge for the recruiters. The traditional process of recruitment has gone on to become out-dated considering a significant rise in the number of job seekers and the number of candidates who are available. The reason being such a practice not only saves the task of  a HR department of indulging in repetitive tasks but even goes on to distract them from undertaking their routine tasks like identification, selection and taking on board quality talent.

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Coping with high volumes

An organization is known to hire all around the year. But to have a quality hiring pool becomes a cause of concern. The HRs in the middle to mass scale organizations needs a lot of resources and calls for systematic effort to manage an immense pool of candidates. Even before they go on to schedule telephonic interviews or even screening out on the resumes, they have to find out whether they have not missed on the resume. This process really becomes difficult when there is a large talent pool to manage who might leave mid -way or back out at the last minute.

Time consuming

The time that is needed for pre-screening adds up to the overall interview process. Apart from that you have to manage multiple candidates at the same time. A HR department has numerous activities that they need to accomplish on a daily basis. But to gather repetitive information from the resume of candidates calls for a detailed effort on the part of an organization. In fact the productive time is spent on unwanted tasks.

To engage the right set of candidates

In certain cases there could be discrepancies in the job role that is offered by the companies. This would lead to a situation where the wrong type gets involved into a job role. Once again going through the relevant set of questions and obtaining the wrong answer is a pain for a HR once they realize that the candidate is not right.

To manually screen the candidates is not a major hassle for a HR, But poses a challenge for the candidate who is planning to switch jobs. From the process of flipping through an ad and even applying for the job position even to get shortlisted and wait for the interview round there are a lot of concerns in the minds of candidates that is not addressed.

The challenges that are faced by the candidates

First and foremost there is a shortage in terms of availability of a HR. Normally there is a standard working hour where the HR department reaches out to the candidates. But they might not be available to take a call after office hours. This could give rise to a mismatch in terms of communication between a candidate and the HR department.

For any candidate who is on the lookout for a job there are a number of things that he has in mind about the organization – the work culture, job responsibilities and a lot more. But what seldom happens is that the HR department in lieu of their day to day tasks fail to give time to the candidates. Most of their queries are unanswered and they end up losing interest in the job. Some of them abandon the job midway.

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