7 Great Showbox Alternatives – Best Streaming Apps Like Showbox

As well Showbox shut down permanently now, but currentlythere are alternatives you can use. Upon researching Showbox in June of 2020, So you may find that Showbox looks available as an APK download again. Additionally, the researchers concluded that current APK options are NOT the actual Showbox, making it rather than risky to download.

Showbox was a terrific, most famous app for streaming movies and TV shows that worked on just about any other device. It was well-designed, had a slick UI, Also generally performed flawlessly. Honestly, it is probably the only streaming app you needed, Although, people like having options. This article will provide you with some great Showbox alternatives to choose from.

However, When it comes to looking for Showbox Replacements, we have considered apps across multiple platforms, including Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS. Some are also compatible with Linux. So, Thanks to apps like Nox and Bluestacks, you can use Android apps right now on your desktop, well, which is how some of the alternatives below work on a Computer/Laptop.

7 Great Showbox Alternatives – Best Streaming Apps Like Showbox

With that in mind, let’s start into 7 of the Best Showbox Alternatives in 2020.

1. Stremio
2. Popcorn Time
3. Movie Box
4. Crackle
5. PlayBox HD
6. MegaBox HD
7. Movie HD



Stremio is a little bit different rather than the other Showbox clones presented here. Instead Of allowing you to stream content from torrent sources, Stremio organizes your legit streams from Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, and other legal sources. It collects them all in one application and presents them on any device using its neat UI. Content-wise, in case it is available on the services you link to it. Afterward, Stremio can stream it. So, Stremio will work on just about any platform, offering Windows, Linux, iOS, Mac, and all Android versions.

Stremio seems stable and reliable, and it even allows you to add your own locally stored content.

Popcorn Time


Popcorn Time is the “King of the Castle” So, when it comes to Streaming, even now with competitors “Snapping at its Heels,” that is lead not as assured as it once was. Popcorn Time is available for Windows 7+, Linux 32-bit & 64-bit, Android 4.03+, Mac OSX 10.7+, and Android TV 5.0+ (ARM v7a & x86).

The design is effortless, and the UI is prim. The content is front and center. Category browsing is straightforward and intuitive. The search function is quite fast, excessively, and you can stream it to your Chromecast in more than one way.

Movie Box


The Movie Box is the iOS version of Showbox, there are also versions available for Android, Mac, and Windows, as well. It feels and looks a lot like Showbox and even has the same layout. In case you were comfortable using Showbox, you should have no issues when transitioning to Movie Box.

This app installs using the same APK install method, runs smoothly, and also quickly finds the latest media to stream. Of course, there is a decent search function, should you want to use it.



Crackle is a well-established movie and TV Show streaming service with a couple of standout features. It does what many other applications in this list do: play movies and TV shows for free in high quality. Although, this app also provides you to save favorites items and create playlists, which is a nice bonus for binge-watching your favorite TV series or for keeping track of where you are in a series.

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So, The Crackle application is simple and straightforward, like the others here. The UI is easy and straightforward to navigate. Streams appear on the front page, and also you can sort and search through content as you would expect. It’s easily as good as Showtime in terms of usability and content.

PlayBox HD


PlayBox HD is the excellent Showbox alternative for iOS, Android, and Computer (using the Bluestacks emulator). It feels and looks like Showbox and Movie Box, and also it works just as well. As the title recommend, there is a lot of HD content on PlayBox HD, which makes it more useful than Movie Box for larger screens and newer phones. Otherwise, the two platforms are very related.

The UI design keeps navigation and menus simple, and categories populate quickly if your Wi-Fi network is up to the task. Streaming is high-speed and mostly buffer-free. Once Again, your experience using the platform will depend on your system, though the application seems very smooth indeed.

MegaBox HD


Megabox HD is a streaming application for iOS and Android devices that is almost a “carbon copy” of PlayBox HD. The app specializes in HD content than low-quality streams. Although, Megabox HD often presents you with the option to choose the quality once you select a stream so that you can watch movies in lower resolution. This feature is excellent for those people who have slower internet connections.

Megabox HD feels and looks like the other options on this list and has no unique features that make it stand out. Though, that also means it has no glaring issues. The design is practical and simple, content is quickly populated, and the range of available material is enormous. Even so, Streaming is seamless and smooth, as long as your connection is up to the task.

Movie HD


Movie HD is another Showbox alternative for iOS, Android, and Computer (using Bluestacks or YouWave) that is worth trying f you want a little collection. It trains in HD content, but it does give lower quality, too. Movie HD has a fine trick up its sleeve, so you can now download movies to your devices as well as stream them. Even if you are going to be away from your Wi-Fi or want to watch something on the train, you can also select a stream and download it rather than requiring a permanent internet connection.

The UI is slick and well-designed. Like the others, it provides fast access to trending streams as well as search and categories.

Play Safely when Using Showbox Alternatives :

You may be noticed that some of these applications are only available as APKs from random-looking sites As well. Most of these applications obtain content from doubtful sources. Its Depending where you live, streaming such material is not necessarily illegal, but you should be careful when doing so.

So, Install and use the Best Quality VPN on your device at all times when you are streaming content. Content providers like TV studios, and movie and their hired security companies, actively monitor the torrenting world and look for copyright violators. However, you need to be careful and protect yourself at all times.

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