4 Hidden Entertainment Apps You Can Download

Entertainment Apps

4 Hidden Entertainment Apps You Can Download. There is a lot of digital entertainment out there. That might be too little of an understatement; it’s too broad. Plus, it’s always getting bigger, so you can download more entertainment to your phone.

When “the sauce” is the ever-growing pool of entertainment apps, it’s easy to get lost. Looking through the top 100 apps in any area can be too much.

You probably need to learn about a few great apps you can download that will give you hours of entertainment because it’s hard to distinguish the good apps from the wrong ones. All of these are five of our favorites.

The New York Times Crossword

The New York Times has something for everyone who likes word games. The app has a free “mini” puzzle daily that is 5×5 (or 7×7 on Saturdays). It also has Wordle, which the New York Times bought after it became popular.

A regular NYT subscription gives you access to a lot more games. You get the big puzzle as part of your subscription, and I love the Spelling Bee every day. You use letters that have already been chosen to make words in The Spelling Bee.

If you visit the NYT PC site, you can find other games with the subscription.

For wordsmiths, it’s a reliable app that can offer hours of daily entertainment.


Things start to get strange here. Do you want the quick high you get from reading and sharing on social media but not having to interact with other people? You might like Binky.

Binky has pictures and writing comments that make it look and feel like a social media feed. When you “post” or “comment” on Binky, each letter you type adds to a string of random words.

If you want to get off of one or more social media sites, Binky is great for you. Its silly look and features make you laugh at how silly most social media sites are. You might close the app and ask yourself, “Why did I just open this?” This should help you improve how you use social media. At the very least, Binky is fun to play for a short time. It is, after all, the “app that does nothing.”

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7 Wonders

This app is founded on the popular board game of the same name that won several awards. In other words, it’s a digital copy of the game. You can play online with friends or with people you don’t know. It’s a great choice because it does a lot of the math and planning for you without setting up many tables. Also, if someone has never played 7 Wonders, you can teach them how to play with this app.

Many board games are longer than 7 Wonders, but games in the app only take 15 to 20 minutes, making it better. It’s not as serious as a Monopoly or Risk game night. However, it also has a deep meta-game that requires much planning, critical thought, and resource management. You should add it to your app library.


The sportsbook oddFlex lets you play for free. You can buy credits and use them to bet on markets. If you win, you’ll get virtual credits worth nothing in real money. The most enjoyable part? Every state in the US can see it. There’s no real money at risk so that you can use it anywhere.

Because oddFlex is free to play, it can also have markets about politics and pop culture.

Stats can back up your claim that you are tough.

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