How to Download Torrents Faster in uTorrent

Torrents have been around for than we can think of. Also, when there was no streaming program available online, there were torrents. There are torrents almost for everything – From our favorite TV shows movies and to the best games and software; there is almost everything can’t download using torrents.

However, one common problem between torrent users is how much time it can take to download things sometimes. While torrent downloads speed depends on many factors, there are almost always ways to get something downloaded faster using some simple tricks. This write-up, we’ll be telling you the thing you can do to make sure that the next item you download the using uTorrent couldn’t take always!

NOTE: We must warn you, Although, that using torrent to downloads copyrighted work is illegal in many countries. Beware about cyber laws in your state and country before downloading things Through uTorrent.

Make Sure There Are Many Seeders

While Selecting which torrent file to use to download the stuff you want, make sure to select one with a large number of seeders. A more significant amount of seeders means you’ve more Resources to select from, leadings to better downloads speed.

Download Files One by One

While it’s okay to have Many torrents in your uTorrent queue, this is always a good habit to downloads files one by one. That’s because every torrent downloads take a portion of your Bandwidth, meaning if you’re trying to download collective files at once, they will all take longer to complete. When downloading a single file, the whole Bandwidth is reserved for that certain file.

You can change the maximum number of flowing downloads to one so as not to trying about multiple torrents download!

Although, launch uTorrent and go to Menu on the top of the page. Then select Preferences and set the many numbers of active downloads to one. Apply & save before earlier Preferences.

Enable UPnP Port Mapping

Enable UPnP port mapping allows uTorrent to bypass firewalls and connect directly to the other sources of the file on the web. Ensures that your downloads happen at a faster rate. To enable UPnP port mapping, most likely Preferences, and then to Connection in the left menu bar.

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Click the box next to Enable UPnP to get faster download speeds. Click Apply before exit.

Ensure You Run Updates

Ensuring your uTorrent is up to date is a big part of getting better download speeds. If your uTorrent doesn’t work automatically for some reason, you can do it manually by going to the Help option on top of the page and then selecting click for Updates from the pull-down menu bar.

Adding More Trackers

Adding more trackers can remarkably improve the download speeds because they add new seeds & peers to your torrent. That’s because trackers close frequently & change all the time, meaning that more modern trackers will get you better download speeds.

To add a new tracker, right-click on the name of a file that is already downloading. Then select the option to Add Tracker in some versions of uTorrent, this option perhaps under the Properties section.

Allot Greater Bandwidth to Your Torrent

One common way to increase downloads speed is by allocating more Bandwidth to a particular torrent. Right-click on the file you’re already downloading and install to open the pull-down menu. Choose Bandwidth Allocation and sets it to High.

Similarly, you change their Bandwidth Allocation to Low. if you want other torrents to download slower rather this particular torrent,

Altering Bandwidth Settings

You can expand torrent download speeds in uTorrent by changing your bandwidth settings. To do this, click Options from the top main menu bar and go to the Preferences. From the left menu, click Bandwidth.

Here, you can set the maximal upload rate. We recommended you set it something in the vicinity of 15. Similarly, Expend the maximum download rate to as many as you want. Set the global numbers of connections to 2329 while also setting the many numbers of connected peers per torrent to 255.

Enjoy Greater Download Speeds!

These are some of the easy things you can do to increase download speed on your uTorrent. We’re confident that following one or more of these steps will significantly boost your download speeds.


Conclusion :

We love to hear your experience of using uTorrent. Comment and let us know what you think.

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