Best Tumblr Alternatives for Bloggers and Creators in 2020


In case you are into the zone of quick blogging where text, videos, and images are easy to upload and express your thoughts freely, you must already be aware of Tumblr. This micro-blogging platform was at another level a couple of years back because of NSFW’s allowance (Not Safe For Work). However, the policy change of removing NSFW content has declined the website’s traffic for more than 30%. Now, people are heading for Tumblr alternatives to enjoy the freedom of expression and share the joy of thoughts.

This is the reason we have gathered a list of best Tumblr alternatives below besides social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.! Scroll down and now learn the features of each of them.

Best Tumblr Alternatives for Bloggers and Creators in 2020

1. Mastodon
2. Flickr
3. Twitter
4. Reddit
5. WordPress
6. Wix
7. Pillowfort
8. Soup



You will reasonably get a flash of Twitter while using this application like Tumblr as you create a post here, follow people, and get followed. This is more of the best Tumblr alternatives due to the presence of a huge user base who can like and comment on your post. Furthermore, there are dedicated servers for different kinds of content to experience a glitch-free blogging experience.
No advertisements & tracking make it excellent for people focused on social media style writing experience.



Everything the photography freaks, here you have a complete version of a blogging platform. So, When you share your images for free, you may continue restricted to the storage space. Anyways, if you want to enjoy more extra space, try its Premium subscription!
Rules to post a group or individual images are quite flexible, making Flickr the new Tumblr alternative. Try it out now!



Twitter is not just a social media site; whatever people like to use it. This is the Best Tumblr Replacement, where you can scroll through the content, so the world is posting, micro-blog your style, but yes, you have only 280 characters limit. I hope your creativity flows in fashion with the same.
If you like to search for specific content, hashtags may help you, for sure. Aside from this, if you like someone else’s content, do not forget to retweet or share it with your followers. That simple website like Tumblr is.



While you prefer to do some microblogging on the recent and trending topics, Reddit is the best place and acts as a Tumblr substitute. Once you arrive on its homepage, you will be capable of finding the hottest topics, posting comments on them, upvoting, and sharing them on your profile.
The most notable advantage is user-created communities. If you desire to start with a topic that you are passionate about, a subreddit could be created. Some people who follow the same path can join in too. This effects chances of interaction, and you are also free to regulate the post views, administration, and other essential aspects. Consider this a fabulous new Tumblr alternative!

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Why stick to microblogging sites like Tumblr when you can own your website and enjoy seamless blogging? Yes, WordPress is a fantastic alternative to Tumblr, which offers a variety of themes based on a different niche.
A custom URL site can be created through or After this, you can appreciate customization at any level using plug-ins and themes. Yeah, you can’t make this Tumblr alternative work using hashtags, but SEO, social support, and multi-user support make it different from all the competitors.



Whence about an independent platform where you can blog as much as possible without restrictions like others? We think you would like to enjoy this Tumblr substitute, where you are free to create, design, and manage things at your fingertips. This site builder is also excellent if you want to add high-quality photos and require tons of space.
In case you are still looking for Tumblr sites, your search would take a break over here.



Pillowfort is one of the most refreshing Tumblr alternatives that gives content control and privacy to the users of what one can watch, can be commented, etc. So, You can create separate communities from your curated hobbies and interests. In case any post contains terms in the blacklist, no additional extension is required for hiding them.
This will allows blocking someone from seeing the content at one end, whereas threaded conversation lets you converse in multiple chains. Also, let’s not forget that NSFW content is recognized as the filter option applies automatically to those who do not wish to watch it.



Soup strength sounds a little different for a Tumblr alternative, but its features and interface are similar to those of Tumblr. This is super easy to use at one end, whereas you can post links, videos, audios, files, events, quotes, etc. To the same.
Soup also acts as a personal scrapbook for you, which enables the remixing of the web. For example, in case you like anything online, click on the button and add it to you Soup, and you can revisit the same page once again. Many Soup groups are available online, which can be joined based on personal interest.

Conclusion :

Even though Tumblr is running a low-point, Tumblr Alternatives are reaching a new crown every day. After all, this game and competition rule the internet world. That is the reason that recently launched websites are also running right beside the old rulers.

Therefore, you can scroll up once again to find the one Tumblr alternative site which perfectly suits your requirements. Once again, use blogging carefree (or responsibly)!

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