Top 15 Best Kodi Skins in 2020

At its core, Kodi is an Unbelievably powerful software. In relation to Home Theater software program, you can rarely find a possible Alternative to Kodi (now not that we haven’t attempted). This is because it helps Almost each popular platform, performs numerous kinds of media Documents, and Sooner or later – comes loose-of-charge. However, an Critical aspect of this software is its freedom of Customization. Out of the field, Kodi is a Highly Polished Software Program, Ready for use on its very own. Nevertheless, you could push it more than one steps further thru first-rate 3rd Party Kodi Addons, builds, and skins.

We are able to be talking Approximately how to change kodi’s ui (person interface) without making any deeper-degree modifications. In fact, it’s exceptionally easy to replace among distinct Skins and installation new ones. Consequently, we’ll take a look at the High Quality Kodi Skins that work throughout Distinctive Kodi versions and platforms.

One More Note. As you possibly recognise, kodi v18.five leia has currently been released. But, it helps a restricted range of skins at the moment. Consequently, we’re going to consist of a quick observe for each of our tips, so that you can without problems locate the presently supported skins.

Without any further ado, here are the 15 Best Skins for Kodi in 2020.

Best Kodi Skins In January 2020

1. Amber
2. Mimic
3. Unity
4. Confluence
5. Nebula
6. Black Glass Nova
7. BOX
8. Titan
9. Aeon Nox (SiLVO)
10. GRID
11. Eminence 2
12. Arctic: Zephyr 2
13. Bello 7
14. Metropolis
15. Chroma



By using default, Amber brings a Horizontal Menu with the principle classes visible right away. As you scroll through extraordinary Categories, you’ll see excessive-decision photos in the history. These may be based in your kodi’s media library. After you get into a selected class, like movies, you may see a pleasant horizontal row full of film posters. but, almost the whole thing about amber can be customized – which is why we have placed it at the pinnacle of our list of the fine Kodi skins.

If you’re Now not keen on the Horizontal navigation, you can opt for a vertical primary menu. This may automatically appoint grids of artwork and film posters so that you can see more right now. In unique classes, you won’t see a row of posters, but rather a grid or a listing of available titles.


This kodi skin is fairly similar to our preceding concept. the principle difference is that Mimic is constructed upon the standards of flat layout. What this indicates is that you Received’t see too many vivid buttons or gradients. As a substitute, the main shade is blue and its one of a kind shades. As you could imagine, you may exchange the default colour and modify mimic’s appearance in your sense of aesthetics.

Perhaps the maximum exciting factor of this pores and skin is its customization. There are numerous options to study and regulate. For instance, there are unique ways this skin can display movie posters. Our favorite preference is a display option referred to as ‘wall’ which is a grid of posters with none border. As an alternative, you’ll see well stacked covers of your song, motion pictures, and television shows. If you decide on some thing easy, you could move for a fundamental list choice. This lets in you to look a vertical list of your content in addition to its art work, synopsis, and ratings. There are also horizontal lists which may be greater appropriate for massive TVS.


Our list of the excellent kodi skins might no longer be whole with out at least one fabric layout skin. This sort of aesthetics become delivered through google more than one years again. Considering that then, it has located its way to severa special systems because it brings very clear and concise visuals. there are no gradients or other heavy elements. instead, you’ll see fundamental colors and buttons with out transparency.

The solidarity skin does an Amazing process of bringing material design to kodi. The main menu is, by using default, organized into a horizontal menu. It is largely a massive gray bar with white-coloured letters and menu objects. As you scroll via the objects, you may see associated apps (add-ons) as well as movie posters and art work in the top part of the display. As you’ll see, everything is card-based totally, which means which you’ll see small and massive rectangles filled with specific varieties of statistics.


We’ve got determined to place confluence on our listing of the high-quality kodi skins in 2020 due to its importance to the kodi consumer community. This has been the default pores and skin for numerous preceding kodi releases, that is why customers of this utility nonetheless leave out it. But, you can effortlessly deploy this skin and repair the arrival of your kodi to its in advance nation.

Confluence is based totally on visually heavy elements with plenty of shiny UI elements and lots of gradients. So, this isn’t the proper pores and skin for you if you’re into cutting-edge and minimalistic skins. The principle menu is vertical, with sub-classes displayed as well. This makes navigating the application as clean as viable. Further, this pores and skin uses meta-facts of your Movies, Television shows, and different styles of content to display masses of useful records for every title.


This is an exceptionally person-pleasant skin. Because it seems, the primary assignment of nebula is to bring as many options as viable and cause them to seen all on the identical time. However, nebula isn’t too complicated because it doesn’t make the navigation too tough to handle. In reality, it makes enormously beneficial compromises.

The house display screen of kodi, as soon as nebula is implemented, turns into a tender white floor with gray textual content. The crucial portion of the screen is devoted to the main menu, which can be scrolled left or proper. When you pause at a certain class, you’ll see special alternatives at the top and bottom of the display screen. as an instance, you could immediately input a positive movie genre while not having to go into the primary class first.

Black Glass Nova

By means of default, black glass Nova Transforms kodi’s menu right into a horizontal bar with massive thumbnails. As you scroll left or proper via distinct content classes, you’ll see pix of what every class represents. While surfing the principle menu, you’ll Additionally see sub-menus at the lowest of the screen. For example, the Movies section comes with sub-menus that comprise playlists, in progress, lately introduced, and more. there are many ways to browse your content, that’s where this pores and skin excels.

With regards to is visuals, it may be stated that black glass nova is built upon home windows’ aero aesthetics – in case you keep in mind that time period. Conversation packing containers, content sections, and Pix come with a obvious border with smooth edges. due to the fact there are numerous small details, our recommendation is to use this skin on a big-screen device. otherwise, kodi’s interface might be a piece overwhelming.


As its call implies, this pores and skin is all approximately modularity. If you’re a protracted-term kodi consumer, you probable bear in mind skins which includes Lightbox and Nbox, which have been hugely famous with previous kodi releases. Well, the box pores and skin is a mixture of those with a touch of precise aesthetics as properly.

The Most thrilling component about the container pores and skin is that it provides honest navigation. In preference to traces of textual content, you’ll see outstanding icons with interesting iconography. Additionally, this pores and skin makes use of different varieties of navigation for specific sorts of content material. which means that your films can be previewed as a grid of posters, whilst your song may be an extended listing of artists and playlists (along with meta-records, ratings, and more).

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Our listing of the first-rate kodi skins wouldn’t be complete without titan. in reality, This has been one of the maximum cherished skins. that’s as it strikes just the proper balance between simplicity and providing lots of statistics in a clean manner. In other words, masses of factors can be going on on the display with out overwhelming you.

Much like how our previous notion works, titan is likewise approximately Modulatory. this indicates seeing masses of big icons and grids of movie posters. We also specifically like how the main Navigation bar may be custom designed. If you want Distinguished classes, you may show them as a scrolling menu.Or when you have a Smaller display screen, you may shrink them and see extra of these right now. Plenty of customizations anticipate a good way to keep you busy for a long time.

Aeon Nox (SiLVO)

We’ll start our overview of the high-quality kodi skins with likely the most important name within the kodi community. Aeon nox. this pores and skin has been around for quite a while, following numerous main kodi releases. Given that every new main release requires skins to be up to date, aeon nox is usually the first one to arrive. That is a completely-featured skin that may completely transform the manner you use kodi.

First and predominant, Aeon Nox positioned a massive emphasis on big visuals. Your films and TV suggests are supplied as a grid of posters that you can navigate in several extraordinary methods. This applies to Films, TV suggests, in addition to music. Don’t worry, your photo gallery, in addition to your addons, may even have a fresh feel to them. And also, it’s worth noting that Aeon Nox may be used on kodi 17 krypton. there’s additionally a version for kodi 18 leia, known as aeon nox: silvo, so ensure to try it out.


With regards to something absolutely new and thrilling, we’ve the grid. that is a fast-growing pores and skin with a very active group behind it. it even works at the newly added kodi 18 leia.

Plenty might be said about the grid. it transforms the principle menu right into a horizontal transparent column at the left aspect of the display. As you scroll, you’ll get to look lovely visuals inside the heritage. If you, for instance, enter your Television indicates class, you’ll see a Horizontal listing of titles, along side what number of episodes you didn’t watch. Of direction, you can remodel this right into a vertical scrolling bar with metadata displayed at the bottom. The grid is popular because of its excessive degree of customization, making us positive you’ll manage to create some thing particular.

Eminence 2

Eminence 2 turns your kodi into some thing that resembles lg’s webos. You could apprehend it through a row of oddly formed icons that can be scrolled left and proper. However, this skin does an incredibly precise activity of creating a easy but useful person interface.

As formerly said, eminence 2 brings a row of big icons on the house web page. as you input one of the content material classes, you’ll see a massive grid of movie posters and artwork. but, you may flip this right into a Scrollable Horizontal list consisted of a huge image and synopsis. there are distinctive versions to how you could present your content material library. This skin additionally does a great process of simplifying kodi’s settings menu via bringing without a doubt visible icons. the textual content is regularly separated into blocks placed within their personal heritage. Which means you could examine synopses and different facts regardless of the historical past.

We placed eminence 2 on your listing of the Best Kodi Skins because of its simplicity, Ease of use, and Fluidity of navigation. try it out.

Arctic: Zephyr 2

After telling you about one of the most dramatic skins, allow’s transfer to something simplistic. that is where Arctic:Zephyr 2 comes into play. This is an incredibly polished skin which can without problems replace kodi’s default option.

Through default, this skin turns kodi’s menu into a big, bottom-positioned bar. That is in which you’ll see the main content categories, but you may also upload shortcuts on your personal. As you turn between distinctive items, you’ll see that a big heritage photo modifications. input any category, and you’ll see a clear representation of your content. You may switch among exceptional viewing options. for example, your Movies may be supplied as Scrollable lists of posters or as textual content-based lists. Regardless of what alternative you pick out, you’ll additionally see legible letters and a well designed format.

If you watch stay TV thru your kodi, you ought to Recognise that Arctic: Zephyr 2 brings a really nicely designed TV time table wherein you could take a look at out upcoming movies and television shows.

Bello 7

Bello 7 brings very subtle typography and Lots of diffused animations. Therefore, it seems Tremendous on big-screen TVS. But, you need to understand that the pores and skin is also absolutely functional on smartphones and pills. If you’ve populated your kodi with Movies and TV shows, you’ll get to peer Massive Movie posters and plenty of additional information connected to them. The pores and skin also brings a rather Polished TV manual, if you’re using your kodi to watch Television.


This pores and skin is all approximately presenting a variety of facts about your media collection. For instance, in case you input the TV suggests Category, you may see how many episodes are stored and the way many of the ones are ready to be watched. similarly, you can see your lately brought files at the lowest of the display screen.

Any other interesting issue about city is that it brings a number of freedom. You could change the default layout in many one-of-a-kind methods, and Pick among Exceptional gallery-mode alternatives. as an instance, you can choose Horizontal or vertical sorting. We also like custom logos for tv shows. After you input this section, you will see a listing of your domestically stored TV indicates in conjunction with their emblems and paintings. This is a piece one-of-a-kind than with other skins on this listing. with regards to dramatic overhauls, city is the pleasant kodi skin.


Despite the fact that now not anyone will like this pores and skin, we surely must point out chroma in this list of the excellent kodi skins. This is because chroma has been to be had for quite a while and managed to attract a faithful person base. It is probably too overwhelming on smaller displays, however chroma works simply excellent on large screens and tvs.

By way of default, chroma combines a horizontal menu with excessive-decision heritage images. If you input a class, you may see all of the wished statistics. For starters, there’s a list of available content material, in addition to Ratings, Genres, Synopses, and art work. As you may believe, there are special methods to arrange how the content material is displayed. It may be through lists (horizontal and vertical) and distinct varieties of grids. There’s also an option to reveal all of your movies right now as a big interactive wallpaper.

The handiest aspect that we’d want to see stepped forward is legibility. At times, it could be difficult to examine some thing, especially if there’s a white background.



This list is focused on the very First Class Kodi Skins. You can discover more options within kodi’s settings menu, However we picked the ones we feel you’ll experience the maximum. As you recognize now, now not each skin is the same. If you aren’t glad with the default one, don’t hesitate to attempt out something new.

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