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Orcpub is Down? Best 10 Orcpub Alternative Character Builder

Orcpub is Down? OrcPub is a site that contains all information and files associating with Titan, Warlock, and hunter games subclasses. This platform was launched in May 2017 and developed by Larry Christensen. It was put on in April 2018 as an open-source. However, in Titan, Jan 2019, the platform went down for some weeks during which, a leading community version of OrcPub, was being developed. This community edition was launched on 11th March 2019. was shut down on 22nd February 2020, and its Twitter account was removed the next day. The community version of this platform is still up and running. The platform has both signup and login buttons where users could create accounts or access their already created accounts.

Best 10 Orcpub Alternative Character Builder :

1. DiceCloud
2. D&D Beyond
3. Beyond Tabletop
4. Roll20
5. MapTool
6. EpicTable
7. Rolisteam
8. Adventurer’s Codex
9. Fantasy Grounds
10. Astral TableTop


DiceCloud is a website that hosts personality sheets for D&D 5th edition online, for entirely free. Patreon premiums pay for DiceCloud’s introducing and Applicant Assistance, data costs, and the improvement of new aspects, solutions, and Updates. The format is very beneficial AND communicative, especially for online games played on the media without their personality sheets, such as IRC, Skype, Discord, Slack, or other re-posted all social media devices. It is Consider OrcPub Best Alternative.

D&D Beyond

D&D Beyond is the best approved digital toolset for the 05th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Its host’s online versions of the approved Dungeons & Dragons 05th edition books, journeys, comprising manuals, and other many compliments It also offers digital devices and character builders such as digital personality sheets, Large and curses listings that can be an encounter creator, arranged and clarified, and a communicative overlap Twitch Extensions. It is Similar to OrcPub. To the official guide of D&D, it also offers the capability to make and add traditional homebrew content.

Beyond Tabletop

Beyond Tabletop is a kind of tool for RPG gamers who want to improve their in-person game periods with a neat design, easy-to-use online charisma maps, and sheets. The web application is premium-free and prepared to be used on all strategies. It offers two products. One is a fight map, and the second is charisma sheets. It can connect you to your Google account To charisma sheets, records, and other files or folders that have been deposited on your Google Drive. You can share any of your data or folders with another applicant by merely transferring them a link.



Roll20 is a website involving a group of devices for playing Tabletop D&D role-playing games, and you can also be identified as a virtual tabletop. The site recognized in 2012 after a famous Kickstarter campaign. The goal of the tool is to provide a reliable tabletop experience that does not attempt to change the game toward a video game, but substitute helps the game tools give immersive tools. Roll20 also has a distinct marketplace, where art funds and Full game modules are sold, and a reference collection for different game systems.


MapTool is the Alternative of OrcPub. MapTool is the Main product of the RP Devices App tool. It’s a Java app, so it works on any OS, which is essential for every computer. MapTool is also an open-source App and does not cost anything to use, while RP Tools collect donations if you are inspired by it. If you are a Game Master, then it’s the best method to offer intended maps for investigation and fights, and you don’t have to spread in the physical maps, miniatures, and symbols. It’s a PC-generated tabletop with full features.

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The EpicTable is a PC-generated tabletop game, and it’s similar to RPG. EpicTable is not a game; it’s a device to used play the game. It’s easy to use, and it has the usual Windows interface. Any game you can play on your tablet, and it’s simple-to-use, is still strong and has a sturdy dice roller. Play the recent indie game, your homebrew device, or your preferred OSR replica. Users can transfer the files very direct and can even swipe from the browser to the Tabletop.


Rolisteam is a useful tabletop App. It connects you in handling tabletop role-playing games with faraway gamers/friends. It gives many aspects to share maps, images, and it also comprises a tool to interact with your players/friends. The credentials can be better in different methods. The objective is to design Rolisteam-managed RPG games as best as RPG games throughout your desk. The Rolisteam map is then transferred as it’s to other gamers/players.

Adventurer’s Codex

The Adventurer’s Codex is Similar to OrcPub. Adventurer’s Codex is a device that helps Dungeon Masters to run Dungeon and Dragons drives. The Adventurer’s Codex is a tool prepared to create DM’s simpler. Casually make character questions, descriptions, and more for charismas in your campaign. Now Browse all of the 5th Edition SRD beasts using auxiliary filters. The Main thing is saved so you can select and run the next time.

Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Ground is a necessary tabletop tool, which involves a group of techniques to aid players in Tabletop D&D 5th edition role-playing game. Fantasy Grounds includes feature usual of many tabletop role-playing games, such as useful dice rolling, maps, and personality sheets with a network system. All Games are held in sessions, which are initiated by a game master and which other gamers may connect distantly. Fantasy Grounds also comprises various reference resources and manuals, as well as a combined chat system. Best Alternative of OrcPub.

Astral TableTop

Astral is customs and browser-based the latest technology to update your storytelling experience. You can Join with your online party and run your drives still you want. So Offers customized equipment for microphones, desktop tools, and tablets. It is Similar to OrcPub. Astral TableTop will support nearly any tabletop role-playing game. It started speedily with built-in support for numerous large game systems.

 Conclusion :

I hope you will get Best 10 Orcpub Alternative Character Builder.  So these were few Top-Rated and easy to use Alternatives . Do share any other Alternatives that you use in the comments section below. You can also check this Article.

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