4 Health And Fitness Apps To Jumpstart The Start of the Decade

New year, new you. The start of a new decade means people will make the most out of their new resolutions, and one of the most popular ones is to be healthier for the next year. Every year, becoming healthy wholistically is a staple in new year promises because new years signify a new lease of life – another 365 days to be a better person.

With the advent of the Internet, fitness has become more and more connected. Gone are the days when one will search high and low to find a great gym. Today, almost all exercises can be learned online, and with smartphones on the rise, fitness apps have become all the craze for people who want to monitor how they’re faring with their health goals.

We’ve collated the best health and fitness apps in this article. So if you’re still looking for the best eating, drinking, exercising, a lifestyle app that will enrich how you live, you’ve come to the right article. Becoming healthy should be a holistic approach: mind, body, and attitude. So without further ado, here are the best apps you need to have on your smartphones.

Plant Nanny

Probably the most fun app when it comes to reminding you to drink water, Plant Nanny takes your hydration seriously. The premise of the app is simple. You plant a seed – there are plenty of species to choose from, each with different difficulty levels – and water it every day until it’s fully grown. The app will remind you to water your plants as well as your body at the same time.

Most people don’t get the hydration that they need every day. While the 8-glass-a-day rule is still in place, daily water intake differs depending on age, gender, activity level, etc. The app considers that by asking you about your stats and will calculate the amount of water you need every day.

For men, hydration is important in taking care of everything in your body, including growing a beard. So if you want the manly look to fully manifest, take drinking water seriously. Download Plant Nanny as it’s one of the best beard ideas you’ll come across in quite some time.

My Fitness Pal

There’s a reason why My Fitness Pal is always included in the annual round-up of health apps – it just works. The app is basically your buddy, your journal, your absorber of everything that’s happening in your fitness journey. At its most basic, My Fitness Pal logs your exercises, record your calorie intake, and encourages you to change unfit habits, CBD Oil Benefits.

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But what sets it apart from other health and fitness apps is that it can integrate more than 50 apps and consolidate their data so that you have your journey in one place. Plus, it has a library of workouts, so when you need a reference on how to do things, you have your phone to reach for.

Daily Workouts Apps

The best free workout apps in the world today, bar none. The Daily Workout Trainer suite of apps focuses on one part of your fitness in order for you to maintain overall health. The app is easy to use, straightforward, and simple to a fault. The videos are definitely not the best quality, but they get the job done.

In its latest iteration, the Daily Workout app has consolidated all of the previous separate apps in its family. Now, it’s a one-stop-shop of exercises for when you need to sweat it out. Whether it’s running, losing weight, strength training, and more, the Daily Workout app has got it covered.


One of the healthiest things you can do for yourself is to give your brain the right headspace in anything that you do. There is power in deep breathing, freeing your mind from worries and becoming one with your thoughts. Used by at least a billion people in the world, Headspace is in a class of its own when it comes to taking care of your mental health.

The good news? You don’t need an hour or two to engage with the app in order to get the headspace you want to be in. There are presets in the app that sets you up for success in less than 20 minutes. All you have to do is be consistent about it. Give yourself a favor and download the app today.


If you still don’t have these apps on your phone, it’s high time that you download them. All of the recommendations above are available through the App Store and Google Play, so there’s no excuse not to at least give them a try. Make sure to have a run through with these apps to determine what applies to you. Have fun with your fitness journey!

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