What is a Drone and How You Can Choose One?

A drone refers to an unmanned aerial vehicle (a flying craft without a pilot) and they are also called the UAV, which stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. A drone is equipped with a motor and is controlled via remote control. There are both vessels that can be flown many times in succession and disposable drones. Some unmanned aircraft also fly autonomously (automatically, by themselves), and are most often used for remote surveillance in military use. In Sweden, however, they are mainly used for aerial photography. Common models include: Dji Phantom, Aton Plus and Parrot BeBop.

Drones Are Very Popular

The reason why these unmanned aerial vehicles have become so popular is precisely that they can film and photograph from the air. It is a fun hobby, but it is bordered by a strict regulatory framework. First, a drone may not be presented in such a way that it risks harming people or property. In addition, it must always be within sight of the operator and it must not be flown over 120 meters in height. If you want to fly higher, permission from the Swedish Transport Agency is required. If you fly in a controlled airspace, that is, at an airport, permission from the Air Traffic Management is also required. If the drone is used in research, mission flying, commercial purposes or flying out of sight of the driver, then you always need permission from the Swedish Transport Agency. There are four state categories and some of them are best drones with obstacle avoidance.

Popular models:

  • dji spark alpine white
  • dji mavic pro
  • fly more
  • kidding
  • ar drone
  • hubsan x4 plus
  • parrot bebop one
  • fpv rtf
  • DJI kicks alpine white fly
  • gopro karma light
  • fidget spinner
  • dji inspire
  • you use it in your content
  • gopro karma

How Big is a Drone & Escape More Combo?

Some unmanned aerial vehicles can weigh several tons and be launched and landed like regular aircraft, but most are much smaller. For example, a so-called nano-drone can be as small as 6.5 x 6.5 cm and weigh as little as 55 grams. It can be controlled via an app on your mobile phone, and even though it is so small, you can both film and take still images with it. There are also larger drones for private use and to get an idea of ​​the sizes, so it can be mentioned that the first two permit categories for drones at the Swedish Transport Agency concern drones that have a weight of between 1.5 and 7 kg. Popular colors and varieties are plus drones white but even black models are very much appreciated in the market out of sight for those who want to buy drones.

Is it Legal to Use a Camera Drone?

It is not easy to leg out when it is legal and illegal to shoot and film with an unmanned aerial vehicle. If you take pictures with a drone with camera where people are included in the photographs, it can be counted as camera surveillance. Camera surveillance poses a risk to personal privacy and such material must not be disseminated in any way. Pictures or films in public places may require permission from the county administrative board or the data inspection. If you only take landscape pictures, the Armed Forces may have some say.

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Anyone who wants to distribute images taken over Swedish territory must have permission from the Swedish Armed Forces according to the Act on the Protection of Landscape Information. However, you do not need a permit if you want to take aerial photography for your own use, the permit is only required when spreading the images to others. So much to think about, but definitely worth it for anyone interested in photography, technology and aerospace in the same package. The new rules for unmanned aircraft that have been changed again will allow you to fly drones. But make sure you follow the advice and rules so you don’t have to suffer any boredom.

How Much Does a Drone Cost?

The smallest drones cost only a few hundred dollars, but are at least as entertaining as a larger one. If you want to do more than just film the cat while chasing the drone or having a nano-drones that hangs after you on the walk, you can go up a size. The bigger drones are more advanced, fly higher and faster and also cost a little more. Drones have become extremely popular in recent years, and thanks to more and more people buying them, they are also becoming cheaper, but they still cost a few thousand. If you want a strong drone with a decent long flight time, complete with accessories for filming and video link, then you should be prepared to spend at least five to ten thousand. The most expensive drones cost considerably more.

On the other hand, you get a lot of technology for the money. The technology is only progressing and now you can film stable without shaking and take sharp pictures in the long distance. Only you can decide if your hobby is expensive or not. Flying a drone can be an interesting and fun experience once you have figured out the rules that surround the aircraft, but it is also an art. As a beginner, it may be wise to take it carefully so that you do not crash your new investment even before you get in the air. Here you will find cheap drones online. now comes new rules and you can control your drone from laptops and participate in hpi racing.

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