People now frequently use the internet and social media to look up potential dates because of how common using online dating websites, and apps has become. Regardless of whether it’s to ensure your safety or to make sure they are who they say they are. Here are some things you should and shouldn’t do when using social media.

Why You Should Do Your Research

Whether you are using a popular app or a website to find potential dates, social media can help you learn more about the person, whether or not you are looking for red flags or trying to figure out if you are being catfished or not. Your safety can and will be ensured by research.

You’ll get an idea of who they are

When hidden behind a screen, it can be easy for you or another person to hide who they are. Or it could be. Some people may be harder to figure out than others, but most people leave a lot of clues in their usernames and messages. Following these clues lets you learn much about people and understand who they are.

You can look at their profile and see if there are any red flags

People tend to be very comfortable behind a screen and while they may try to hide their true nature through messages they will very likely have posted their true thoughts on their public boards, timelines, and forums. Whether they are a chronic cheater, racist, misogynistic, or anything else that you would consider to be a red flag they will have likely posted about it.

Meeting them will feel more comfortable

People are usually very comfortable behind a screen, and even if they try to hide who they are through messages, they have probably posted their real thoughts on public boards, timelines, and forums. If they are a chronic cheater, a racist, a misogynist, or do anything else that would be a red flag for you, they have probably posted about it.

What you should not do

When you research people, you learn more about them. You get an idea of their likes, dislikes, and thoughts. Ultimately, this leads to your meeting feeling much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Post their pictures in groups.

There are a lot of groups on Facebook and other social media sites, and each one is made for a different reason. For example, “Are we dating the same guy” is among the most popular groups.

Almost every big city in the United States has a version of this group for its residents, and many people think it’s a great way to find out about cheaters and potential abusers. There are also a lot of lies and trolls in these kinds of groups, though. Some users might see your post asking about the guy you’ve been talking to and try to give you thoughts that might not be entirely true in the spirit of causing drama. Please don’t post pictures of them on those sites until you’ve been on a few dates with them and have a good reason to be worried.

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Do Not Send Any Unsolicited Messages to Anyone on Their Friends List

We get that you want to learn more about them from people who know them in real life, but you are far from where you need to be to send unsolicited messages to their friends and family.

The potential message you are sending to them and his social circle is that you are possibly crazy and a stalker, even though you are trying to ensure your safety. Do not message his friends unless you have a good reason to do so.

Do Not Overwhelm Yourself With the Data

These are the four most popular and popular-at-the-moment social media sites, so they will likely be using these. We can only promise that they’ll use some of them, though. But these four will likely have the most current proof of their existence online.

What you should do

Stick Only To the Big 4 Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and TikTok

These 4 are probably the 4 most popular and trending social media platforms which means that they will most likely be using these. Of course, we can’t guarantee that they use all of them. However, these 4 will most likely show the most recent evidence of their existence online.

social media

Do Not Go Further Back Than 2 Years

People grow as they get older, but there are also people in their late 20s who have had the same Facebook account since they were 13. When people are young, they often don’t have much sense, which can lead them to post content or updates that are questionable or just plain stupid. Social media platforms make it easy to lose track of where you are as you scroll through the material, so it’s best to ensure you stay on track. Or you might see an iffy post from when they were young and think it’s a red flag for now.

Cross Reference With a Search Engine

Researching someone from a search engine should give you some results unless they share a name with a popular cartoon character or star. These results can be compared to the information you’ve already gathered on social media red to give you a clearer picture of the person you’re thinking about going out with.

Final Thought: Are You Willing to be Searched?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with researching on a possible date, but the process can be too far. As you look at the other person’s social media record, consider how your own would be looked at. Then show the same kind of kindness you’d like to receive.