Even though Philo is already a cheap option for watching live TV online, the free trial and promotions can help bring down the cost of a subscription initially. Due to Philo’s lower general cost, the service only gives a few promotions throughout the year, which reduces the number of ways to save even more money. Philo is advertised as a cheap service, which is different from many other live TV viewing choices. A Philo subscription cost $25 per month and includes all live TV channels, on-demand material, and an endless cloud DVR that lets subscribers record as much live TV as they want. For those who want to watch live TV for less money each month, Philo is a great option.

The worth is increased even more by the free trial. New subscribers can sign up and watch Philo for free for seven days. The subscriber is then charged for the first month’s cost when the free subscription turns into a paid subscription. When you don’t get any other paid networks or add-ons with the subscription, this comes to $25. After that, the subscriber will continue to be charged $25 per month for the length of their subscription, excluding any potential price increases that might or might not arrive.

It’s always good to have other cost-cutting choices, even though $25 for live TV viewing is fair. For example, several service providers offer deals and promotions on a regular basis to draw in new users in addition to a free sample. This method is often used by DirecTV Stream and YouTube TV. It’s a sales trick, but it can help people who want to sign up during a promotion.

Philo Deals And Promotions

Philo does not offer many promotions, so customers won’t often have the option to save money on a live TV subscription for x number of months or get lower prices. But not very often does not mean never. In May 2022, for instance, Philo will once again offer the option to save $10 on the first month of a subscription. It’s just that deals like these don’t happen as often throughout the year as deals for other live TV services. Of course, some T-Mobile users will find that they are eligible for a Philo subscription at a lower price for a year.

T-Mobile’s Philo For $15 Promotion

It used to be possible to get TVision, T-own Mobile’s live TV service. T-Mobile started offering live promotions for Philo and YouTube TV to existing users after TVision, a short-lived service, was canceled. Many T-Mobile Wireless and Home Internet service customers are now eligible for a similar deal, despite the fact that this was originally made for TVision users who had lost their live TV source.

Due to T-Philo Mobile’s Promotion, a Philo subscription now costs $10 less monthly. An eligible T-Mobile customer can reduce the monthly cost of Philo to as little as $15 given that it costs $25 per month. The deal is only valid for the first 12 months of service, it should be mentioned. The subscription will then continue to be charged at the standard monthly cost. Again, if prices don’t go up by a surprise, it will cost $25 a month. Customers of T-Mobile can check right away on the company website to see if they are eligible for this Philo promotion.

1 – Go to T-Mobile Promotions.

2 – Provide your T-Mobile (or Sprint) phone number.

3 – Press the Continue button.

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4 – Sign in with your T-Mobile ID (or Sprint ID).

5 – If you are eligible, click Redeem Now.

If your account and the phone number that goes with it (or your home internet) are eligible for the promotion, T-Mobile will let you know right away. If it is, the customer can click the Redeem Now option and then continue to Philo to set up the subscription at a discount. NEW subscribers must provide their phone number (or email address) and a way of payment as part of the sign-up process. They must also confirm their subscription. After that, they’ll use their phone number or email address and the code they got by text or email to sign in to Philo2. The text / email promotion is important because it is the code used to reduce the subscription cost for the first 12 months. T-Mobile says it could take up to four days for the code to arrive after that.

For the record, this deal isn’t just for new subscribers. If you’re already a subscriber to Philo, the same promotion will reduce the cost of your monthly subscription by $10. The only difference is in how the salvation works. Like new subscribers, existing subscribers must take the above steps to see if they are eligible on the T-Mobile website. They can choose Sign In instead of creating a new account once their registration has been verified and they are taken to the Philo website. They will then receive a code via text message or email, based on whether their Philo subscription is linked to a phone number or an email. For the next 12 months, this code could reduce the monthly subscription cost by $10.

Existing subscribers should be aware that the discount is only valid for the $25 subscription per month. Legacy subscribers who are still on the $16 or $20 per month Philo plans must change to the $25 per month plan in order to receive the discount or continue with the locked-in price without the discount. Regardless of whether you are a new or current Philo subscriber, this T-Mobile promotion is only valid until December 31, 2022. Again, the lower price is only valid for the first 12 months. After that, the cost will increase each month. To continue receiving the monthly discount, the T-Mobile account must be current for the full 12 months of the month.

Philo Deals And Promotions Conclusion:

Philo only occasionally offers regular deals and promotions, making it hard to save on the cost of a subscription due to its extremely cheap live TV service. A T-Mobile promotion that cuts the cost of Philo by $10 per month for the first 12 months is the most recent major exception. People with an eligible T-Mobile service, both new and old Philo subscribers, can get this deal.

All new subscribers can save money on the first cost of a Philo subscription by taking advantage of a free sample, regardless of whether or not they have a T-Mobile account. The normal amount of time to try Philo for free is seven days. Philo doesn’t usually offer longer free trials, so it probably won’t be worth it for them to do so in the future. If the subscriber doesn’t stop their subscription before the end of the free trial month, they will be charged the standard monthly price.