NetBase: Why You Should Use Social Media Listening

Social media listening is all about tracking your company’s social media platforms for conversations and mentions and afterwards analyzing them for insights in order to identify opportunities to act. This is a two-way step process that entails monitoring social media channels for competitors, mentions of your firm, keywords that are related to your business as well as products.

The next step is to analyze the insight you gather in order to act on what you have learned. This can involve shifting your company’s entire brand positioning or even just responding to a customer’s feedback. Social listening involves more than just the number of mentions and engagement rate and considers the mood behind the information.

This allows you to understand how your audience feels about your brand and your competitors. Knowing what customers feel about your product, service or brand enables you to keep your product development and marketing on track. It gives you an opportunity to respond immediately to positive and negative comments. Social listening mainly entails analyzing the data that companies collect and use it to guide their strategy and daily operations.


Social media listening offers companies numerous benefits. It offers both PR and marketing benefits to companies and firms can utilize it to improve products, find new clients, enhance their PR campaigns, and research their markets. Not using social listening can make you lose a lot of valuable information. This is because these days, customers are using social media to tell you what they want from your company and going through their conversations and comments can help you to provide the products or services that they need.

How Businesses Can Utilize Information from Social Media Listening

Gathering information from social media listening can help companies to engage with their clients about their brand effectively. You will be able to respond promptly to feedback about your company, do a follow up offline or even just acknowledge positive comments posted by customers. Again, you will be in a better position to deal with a complaint that a client has shared about your product on social media. This will help to address Public Relations (PR) disasters before they get out of hand.

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Again, with insights from social media listening, you will be able to track competitors. You get to know what people are also saying about your competitors, which gives you vital information about where your brand fits in the marketplace. You will also get to know what your competitors are doing in real-time as well as discover new opportunities and threats as they happen so that you can be able to plan effectively.

Social listening also helps you to identify new sales leads. You will be able to reach out, connect and exchange meaningful information, which in turn will help you develop your company as the best resource when the time for making a purchase comes. Social listening allows you to build relationships with potential clients in your industry that you can eventually turn into social selling.

You will also be able to identify advocates and influencers through social listening. This is important since these individuals can have a significant impact on how fans and followers feel about your company or your competitors. In order to achieve all these benefits, it is vital that you get the best social media listening tools such as NetBase.


About NetBase

NetBase is a renowned provider of social analytics that has an AI-powered platform. The company helps business by offering comprehensive data that is obtained through social listening, crisis response, influencer identification, social monitoring, and competitive analysis, among others. NetBase recently started AI studio, which is a market automated theme platform.

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