How to Add Multiple Videos to Your Instagram Story. One of the great things about Instagram is adding multiple videos to your accounts. Instead of constantly opening your Gallery to post a clip, you can select multiple files. With this, you’ll save a lot of time, but how do you use it?

This is what you’ll learn in this book. We’ll show you how to add multiple videos to your Instagram Stories so that you can get the most out of the app.

How to Add Multiple Videos to Instagram Stories on an iPhone

Uploading multiple videos on Instagram Stories is simple. You only need to tap a few buttons if you have an iPhone.

  1.  To start a new story, open Instagram and click the plus symbol in the top-left display section.

2. Use the drop-down menu in the top left corner to find “Videos.”

Instagram Story

3. Tap “Videos”.


4.  To select multiple videos, click the “Select” button.


5. Choose the videos you want to add to the story, and then tap the button at the bottom right.

6. To edit the information, stickers or text can be used. Select the text or sticker, then drag it to the trash can symbol at the bottom of your screen to undo your changes.

Instagram Story

7. Tap the “Share” button to upload the clips.

How to Add Multiple Videos to Instagram Stories on an Android Device

You shouldn’t have any trouble adding multiple videos to Instagram stories on an Android device.

  1. Start the app, and then select your story in the top left corner of the screen.
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2. In the upper-left section, choose Gallery from the drop-down menu.

Instagram Story

3. Could you tap and select the button? This lets you add multiple videos or photos to your feed.

Instagram Story

4. Choose the videos you want to add to your story, then click “Next.”

5. Give the material some effects. Visit the preview section at the bottom of the display to edit your clips one at a time.

Instagram Story

6. Tap the “Share” button next to your story, then tap “Done” to upload the videos. If you want to go back and make more changes, select “Undo” before you click “Done.”

7. Go back to the feed to read the story. Again, a slideshow should be used to show the chosen videos.

Instagram Story

Amaze Your Followers With Captivating Videos

The main point of Instagram is to share fun things with other people. Adding videos to stories is a great way to do this, but it can be simple. You can use the platform’s built-in tools or apps made by other companies to create beautiful collages.

How often do you upload multiple videos to your Instagram stories? Do you like to upload clips to your feed? Which gets more attention? Tell us in the section below for comments.