Why purchase Monoprice 110010 Headphones?

Why purchase Monoprice 110010 Headphones?

Put the Monoprice 110010 in your shopping cart right now if you want noise-canceling headphones with good sound quality. This pair of headphones has a lot to offer. For instance, comfort (especially if you like to play games for long periods), great sound quality, background noise reduction, and a good battery life. In this post, we’ll discuss why you should purchase it.

The need to constantly deal with lines is eliminated by wireless headphones, which provide a lot more mobility. There will be no wires that get mixed up. You may use it, particularly when carrying out your usual tasks. Ideal for working out in the gym is the Monoprice 110010. If you want to buy headphones, here are some reasons.

Feature for Noise Cancelling

With these headsets, noise-canceling technology has come a long way. Each new feature’s main goal is to improve your whole experience while keeping your comfort in mind. When we talk about noise cancellation, we’re talking about a feature that turns down background noise. A lot of different headsets and mics use this technology. Due to this improvement, you will experience less distortion, wind noise, or anything else, and you will enjoy listening to whatever you are currently listening to more.

Since it completely removes background noise and distortion effects, the noise canceling feature of the Monoprice 110010 headset mic is ideal for talks. The person you’re talking to will only hear your clear voice, and there won’t be any breaks. They may not be as good as more expensive headphones, but they are a great option for gaming. You can have the ideal game experience with these headphones on. By fully covering your ears, its soft ear pillows offer a 3D audio experience. You’ll hear a change when you use it in a loud environment. Its big ear cups last a long time.

Battery life is extended

The battery life is another feature that draws people in. The Monoprice 110010 has a battery life of 52 hours. For the price, 52 hours is a great battery life. For hours of games or music listening, that’s more than enough. You’re going to be charging these headphones infrequently. They have a good price for all these great features, so don’t worry if you are on a tight budget. These headphones will serve you well if you move a lot and enjoy listening to music while riding a bike or driving without a roof.

Bluetooth Communication

When we talk about Bluetooth connections, I would say that they may be a bit unreliable from time to time. Apart than that, these headphones are Bluetooth 5.0 compatible. They are designed in such a manner that you will have no regrets. They may not be ideal for audiophiles, but they serve gamers well.

Design in General

Any person may use the Monoprice 110010 headset, but gamers in particular. You won’t complain about it because it is designed in that manner. It’s important to remember that these headphones can also be folded when we talk about design. This indicates that you may just put them in places they don’t fit. As was already said, they are strong and not too heavy. Its design makes it especially light, which adds to your comfort.

The ear pads are padded with leather. They feature everything you need in headphones, although they may not look as fancy as their rivals. You may experience earaches if you use headphones for a long time. These headphones, however, do not cause pain or suffering, even after wearing them for 8 hours.

Sound quality

It has good music quality and fits well within its price range. A once-in-a-lifetime experience may not be offered for you, but it does cut down on background noise to make the experience more pleasant. You will hear a clear, smooth, and clean sound when you wear the Monoprice 110010 headphones. When one of these codecs is used, it has features for AAC and SBC that are designed to offer a lot better audio quality. You should use one of these codecs while watching a movie; it will improve the experience. While keeping this quality in mind, remember that it’s also cheap.

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Company Monoprice
Model Monoprice110010
Control Buttons Call, Music, Volume
Weight 0.51 lbs (230 grams)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 7.48” x 7.09” x 1.77”
Case Yes
Microphone Boom mic (in-line)
Battery Life 14 Hours
Battery Charging Time (full charge) 3 hours
Price $50 (max retail price)
Warranty  One year

Pros & Cons


  • A large sound stage frequency
  • Dependable construction
  • Budget-friendly
  • Quick charging
  • Enough battery capacity
  • Comfortable and light
  • Integrated boom microphone
  • Excellent reproduction of the mid range
  • Internal controls
  • Built but elegantly
  • Cushioning with synthetic leather


  • Not as pleasant as planned, the headband
  • Highs could be more precise.
  • Inadequate noise cancellation
  • Tiny ear cups

Life of the Batteries

After being fully charged, the Monoprice 110010 can be used for 14 hours of fun. It can take up to three hours to get perfect control. This does, of course, make it slower than other headphones on the market. That’s not all—they also have a feature that lets you use them even when the battery is low and the music keeps playing.


You cannot use headphones when running or in the rain because they are not waterproof. They should not be in the water. It would help if you didn’t take these headphones to the gym, working out, or running.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Q- Is Monoprice of high quality?

Ans. They aren’t too expensive and work best for playing games or listening to music at home.

Q: Which Monoprice headphones are the best?

Ans. Since they provide a waterproof choice, the Monoprice Move Wireless Bluetooth Earphones are the best Monoprice headphones.

Is the Monoprice 110010 long lasting?

Of course, the Monoprice 110010 headphones are built to last. They have a strong metal frame and high-quality materials for the ear cups and headbands. The headphones are also foldable and flexible, making them easy to store and carry.

Is the Monoprice 110010 worth it?

Given the sound quality and build quality they provide for such a low price, the Monoprice 110010 headphones are unquestionably a steal. They are a reliable and easy choice for people who like wired headphones.

How do I connect my Monoprice headphones?

The Monoprice 110010 headphones don’t need to be paired with a device because they don’t have Bluetooth or wireless features. The 3.5mm audio jack should be plugged into your device’s headphone jack or audio output.


The Monoprice 110010 game headset has undergone a thorough evaluation, and we have listed all of its features and how they may be of assistance to you. Given its low price, it may not be as good as those high-end headphones, but its distinctive qualities set it apart and make it useful to purchase simultaneously. It has noise-canceling features will provide several benefits, such as the ability to talk to the person you are talking to clearly and crisply. Very little noise or blurring is in the background, and you have the best experience possible. It may not be a good choice for music lovers, but it will serve you well if you’re a badass gamer.

Try it if you want to have a good game experience. When you turn on the AAC or SBC codec feature, you will witness even more audio magic. The sound quality is great. If you like to play games and listen to music for long periods, the battery life of 52 hours on a single charge is pretty good. Its Bluetooth link is pretty good, and it works with Bluetooth 5.0 as well. The Monoprice 110010 Noise Cancelling Headphone is a good deal because it has all these features. Thank you for your time.

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