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How to Jailbreak Roku and Install Kodi ON Roku

Roku is an affordable virtual media participant that can be used to circulate hundreds of television suggests, hit movies, and greater. it’s miles to be had inside the shape of set-top field or sticks and for this reason is portable. Anybody can flow Tons of Channels and contents at freed from cost by using connecting it to the Television or screen with the internet. Notwithstanding having such a lot of Streaming Alternatives, there are users who question how to Jailbreak  Roku in order to use it out of the field. I case you are one among such consumer seeking out methods to unlock the restrictions, Then this newsletter is for you.

What is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is the Term stated bypassing the Limitations given through the device Manufacturer. Via changing the device permissions, the user can without problems customize the tool as in keeping with their need. While the device is Jailbroken, then the consumer can without difficulty install any Unauthorized 3rd-Party software program on it.  Jailbreaking is the time period Frequently Associated with iOS and Firestick because it limits its customers with the set up of unauthorized apps and Video Games.


Is it Possible to Jailbreak Roku?

The Fast answer to is not any. Roku customers can not jailbreak it as like android or iOS device. Roku runs on its standalone roku os and for that reason its functions or capability can’t be modified by way of its customers.

In Technical terms, the roku tool cannot be jailbroken because of the limitations given by using its manufacturer. Many web sites declare that the roku device may be jailbroken however it isn’t possible in any respect. On the opposite facet, plenty of roku users look for methods to jailbreak the roku device as to movement contents just beyond what it’s miles offered. They regularly misunderstand jailbreaking and consider it’d open them new doorways, however it isn’t always the case with roku. Even the customers can get right of entry to its functionalities with out jailbreaking.


Why Kodi on Roku?

Unlike other smart devices, Roku doesn’t support jailbreaking as the Roku OS is based on C++. With this, you cannot install any third-party apps on the Roku like Android or Firestick. So if you want to stream the pirated contents on Roku, then there is only one way which is nothing but Kodi.

Kodi is an open-source streaming app and media player that can be used to stream media contents on Roku. It is highly customizable in nature and by default supports lots of third-party add-ons. So the user can install Kodi add-ons to watch TV shows, movies, and more. Roku doesn’t support the installation of apps written in native C or C++ and Kodi is one among the list. Since Roku doesn’t support jailbreaking, the only way possible to use Kodi on Roku is by screen mirroring. To do so, you need an Android phone or Windows PC to cast Kodi contents to a Roku device.


How to Install Kodi on Roku

Roku devices support screen mirroring using Miracast screen mirroring protocol from Android phone and Windows PC. There are two different ways available with which Kodi can be screen mirrored to Roku. Choose the method which is suitable for you and proceed to cast Kodi on Roku.

If you have Roku 2/3/4, Roku Premier/Premier+, Roku Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick, or Roku TV, then you can follow the below methods.Click here for the detailed guide on how to install Kodi on Roku.


Method 1: Kodi on Roku by Android Screen Mirroring

As Roku doesn’t support jailbreaking and installing Kodi, a secondary device (Android) is used to cast Kodi to Roku.

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To mirror Kodi on Roku, you should enable screen mirroring on the Roku device as follows.

On your Roku device, click on the Home button to use main menu.

Click on Settings to choose System option.

Select Screen Mirroring option.

Click on Allow/Prompt/Always Allow option to enable it.

Make sure the Android and Roku device are connected to the same WiFi network.

If you already use Kodi app on your phone, skip steps 1 to 4.

1: To enable screen mirroring on Android, click on the Google Play Store on Android phone.

2: Use the search bar to type in as Kodi and choose Kodi from the search result.

3: On the app information screen of Kodi, click on Install button to download it on your Android device.

4: Click on the Accept button to grant access to Kodi app to let is use the device and media files. With this, the download will begin.

5: When the download gets completed, click on Open button to open it.

6: To enable screen mirroring, you should click on Android Settings > click on Device > choose Display option (Settings may vary with Android versions).

7: Under Display, you should scroll down to click on Cast to see the compatible Roku devices to cast. With this, your Android phone’s screen will be mirrored on Roku connected device.

8: Now open Kodi on Android device to start streaming a movie or TV show.

9: When you launch the player, Kodi app on Android screen will be mirrored to the Roku device.


Method 2: Kodi on Roku Using Windows Screen Mirroring

If you have a Windows PC, you can install Kodi to cast contents to Roku device. If you have already installed Kodi on your device, skip steps 1 to 10.

1: Use any web browser on your PC to go to

2: Click on the Download button at the top-right to begin with the Kodi downloading procedure.

3: On the next screen, choose your platform as Windows.

4: Now choose Kodi installer like Windows Store/Installer (32 Bit)/Installer(32 Bit).

5: The download process will start instantly. Upon the completion, go to the downloaded location to find kodi.exe file. Double click on it to start its installation.

6: Click on the Next button when Kodi prompts you on its Welcome screen.

7: On the next screen, click on I Agree button to continue with the installation of Kodi on Roku.

8: Click on Next once after choosing the components to continue further.

9: Now, choose a file directory to install Kodi on your Windows PC. Click on Next button.

10: Click on Finish button to run Kodi on PC Windows.

11: To set up screen mirroring, go to the Control Center of your PC.

12: Choose Project option from the list of options.

13: Choose Add a wireless display/PC Screen Only to select the display connected to the Roku device.

14: Click on Start Mirroring your Screen option to stream Kodi on Roku device.



Despite the fact that Roku doesn’t help Jailbreaking, kodi may be used instead of jailbreaking and you may take advantage of having access to the 3rd Party Apps on roku. With screen mirroring, kodi contents may be cast at the roku tool effortlessly. With android device or home windows computer, screen mirroring may be completed efficiently to circulate kodi on roku.

Hope the information is Useful to you. Don’t forget to drop your queries/feedback in the comments section.

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