How to Promote Your Blog on Instagram Video

If there is something that brings most bloggers upside down when they start their first adventure with a blog, it is that during the first months, there are hardly any visits, traffic stagnates, and for more posts that are published, and nothing seems to improve.

In this situation, any help, no matter how small, is key to disseminating your articles and growing your audience that is why we want to share with you four tips to attract traffic to your blog through Instagram and give visibility to your articles.

Unlike what many people think, Instagram is not a repository for uploading photos or video, Instagram is much more than that and has many other utilities as you can also download private Instagram videos. The social factor is the fundamental pillar of Instagram, and it is what has made it stand out from the rest of photography applications and repositories.

This has been a claim for most large companies and small businesses, which are using their Instagram profiles to get more customers, improve their brand image, and increase their audience. So, why not do it yourself to get more visits and, therefore, a greater audience for your blog?

Some keys to increase the traffic of your blog using your Instagram profile

Whether it is a personal profile or we are talking about the profile of business on Instagram, the most important thing for these tips to take effect is that the blog or website you want to promote, add value, and be of interest to your followers. Otherwise, it will be of little use what you apply. Based on this premise and that you already have a follower base on Instagram, the following will be to begin to put into practice the four tips that we show you below:

Use the Video Option

In the feed you can also post videos of up to 60 seconds, so I encourage you to record yourself on video counting that you can find the reader on your blog, do not forget to end the video with a call to action inviting the reader to visit your blog.

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Stories: they are a fundamental means of promotion for a blog

Design some beautiful stories by sharing some brushstrokes about your article, put yourself in front of the camera spontaneously, and tell that you have a new post on your blog.

You can also make a screen recording of your blog and share it edited in stories. My advice is that you use some Apps for editing and creating Stories so that they look very cool and attract attention.

IGTV: it is a platform where you can promote your blog in a very direct way

The description of the video and the Instagram biography are the only places where we can put a direct link to our blog if we have less than 10,000 followers. So I encourage you to create video content promoting your blog and upload it to IGTV.

You can briefly explain what your last article is about, upload a tutorial that you have included in the blog post, or explain in a closer way your position on a specific topic that you have discussed in your blog.

Instagram is a mine that you must exploit to promote your blog, but remember that it is essential to have an optimized profile and a biography that shines to capture the user’s attention.

Other than this, if you want to download Instagram videos and stories, then you can do it with Instadownloaderpro.

Insert links in your posts

Another right way to attract traffic from Instagram is to add the title, followed by the URL of the most interesting articles on your blog in the descriptions of your photos.

It is not about putting URLs of all the pages of your blog in all the descriptions of the photos that you publish, but from time to time trying to publish a photo or video related to the theme of your articles and take advantage of the description to include a link to him.

A little trick to prevent long links from taking up all the text in the description is to use a link shortener.

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