How to Download 888 Poker onto All Your Devices

888 Poker

The internet has changed the game in a big way. No longer do you have to go to a glitzy casino poker room or visit a friend’s house to play poker. You can do it all from the comfort of your own home and play more in an atmosphere and style that suits you.

It’s incredibly popular and there are lots of different operators out there, all wanting you to play on their website. One of the best poker sites is There you can play the game online or download an app from the site onto your computer. Like many operators, 888 Poker have recognized the popularity of mobile technology and also offers an app so you can play the poker games they offer on mobile devices. This article looks at how to install 888 Poker on all your tech devices.

How to download to Windows (PC)

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Click on ‘Download Now’
  3. Click ‘Save file’.
  4. Click ‘Run’ on the installer file.
  5. Choose the folder on which you’d like to install the desktop app.
  6. Click on ‘Install’.
  7. Once the computer has finished installing the ap, you can log in and start playing whichever game you choose.

How to download on a Mac

  1. Click on either the ‘System Preferences’ in the Apple Menu or the icon in the dock
  2. Click on ‘Security and Settings’.
  3. Make sure you’re in the ‘General’ tab and hit ‘Click on the lock to make changes’.
  4. When the prompt appears, enter your username and password.
  5. Click ‘Anywhere’ where it says ‘Allow applications from’.
  6. Click ‘Allow from anywhere’ in the next prompt.
  7. Leave the security settings, visit your Downloads folder or wherever you’ve saved the zip file and open the 888poker file. Click on the 888 icon.
  8. On the introduction screen, click on ‘Continue’.
  9. Read the license agreement and click on ‘Continue’ again.
  10. The computer will ask if you agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement. Click ‘Agree’.
  11. The computer will begin installing 888 Poker. Once it finishes, the main poker lobby will appear on the screen and you can log in to play.

How to download to an iPhone

  1. Visit the App Store
  2. Find the 888 Poker app.
  3. Click on ‘Get’.
  4. Once the app has downloaded, you can log in and start playing.

How to download to an iPad

The process is much the same as download the app to an iPhone

  1. Visit the App Store
  2. Find the 888 Poker app.
  3. Click on ‘Get’.
  4. Once the app has downloaded, you can log in and start playing.
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How to download to an Android device

  1. Open the phone’s security settings.
  2. Select ‘Unknown Sources’.
  3. Choose ‘Make Passwords Visible’ and ‘Verify Apps’.
  4. Find the 888 Poker app, download it and install it.
  5. Search for the app on your screen and then tap it so you can start playing.

How to play on your browser

You don’t always have to download 888 Poker to your phone, however. You can play on your browser:

  1. Visit the 888 Poker website.
  2. Instead of ‘Download now’, click on ‘Instant Play’, which is just below the download button.
  3. Log in so you can start playing.

Using the same account for all devices

One handy thing about choosing 888 Poker is that you can use the same account on all your devices. Just imagine how inconvenient it would be to create a different password and new email account to play on every device. By using the same account across devices, you spare yourself this inconvenience.

It’s not always convenient to sit behind a desktop all day playing poker, as much fun as the game is, or you just might not feel like it. Perhaps you have to go to work or you want a change of scenery, in which case you can step outside with a mobile device and continue playing. Maybe you continue your game on the bus or train. Perhaps you just go out into the garden and get some fresh air. Being able to log in with the same account gives you the flexibility to move around and resume your game from somewhere different.

If you’re travelling, poker is a way to pass the time with your travel companions and can make road trips or other long journeys that little bit more entertaining. The only problem is a laptop is a real drag to carry around when you’re on the move. Not only does it take up space in your hand luggage, but it’s heavy, too, whereas a tablet or mobile is much lighter, much easier to pack and also more versatile in its functions.

The download processes are quick and easy and you can install poker onto your computer or device within minutes. Then it’s a question of creating your account, if you haven’t already set one up, and you can get playing straight away.

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