Get Closer to SSH Client and Best Choices for Windows

In modern days, one computer can remotely control many other computers through a secure connection. To build such connection, SSH client is commonly used by programmers or server admins. The app enables one computer to be a host and allows other computer devices to connect. Fortunately, a lot of SSH client apps are available out there. That becomes the issue, what is SSH client? Which app is the best for Windows?

SSH client term is closely associated with computer geeks or techy person. But beginners who want to know more about computer network and SSH client should not be discouraged. Here, you are about to get more information about SSH client definition and the best choices for your Windows computer. Keep scrolling!

More about SSH Client

SSH Client can be defined as an application that helps connect main computer to client computers. This application is used by server to control other computers remotely. In layman’s term, SSH Client is a program that you need to build a connection and control client computers.

There are some other functions offered by SSH client programs. It lets you encrypt as well as maintain the channel between two clients. Additionally, it enables you to encrypt data so your password and information are inaccessible by third party or virus. The program also helps secure your data during data transmission.

While the main computer uses SSH Client, computer clients should install SSH server to be connected. Despite each program cannot do remote function without another, SSH Client as a main control requires more attention. You need to really know which program works well for your computer.

There are dozens of applications when it comes to SSH client for Windows. You can choose one that suits your preferences, ranging from the cheap ones, pricey ones, or free ones. However, beginners are recommended to choose free SSH client apps so you have nothing to lose.

Best SSH Client Apps for Windows

Myriad options of SSH client programs for Windows can give you a headache. While choosing the best SSH client for Windows can be tricky, you need to be selective and careful. It is highly recommended to choose SSH client according to your preferences and needs. If you are a newbie, cheap or free SSH client will be great to improve your skill. But if you are a professional, choosing the premium SSH client can be a good decision.

If you need some help, SSH clients for Windows below are worth the thought. Please note that the following references are the most used programs for Windows. If you have other options than the mentioned below, you should go for it.

  1. KiTTY

KiTTY is a free SSH client that works well on Windows OS. This lightweight program offers a number of features such as command shortcuts, sessions filter, transparency, and many others. The program enables you to build secure connection to the system. Not to mention it offers several new features that makes your experience more engaging.

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This SSH client is a great choice for beginners. If you want to improve programming skills and dive deeper into SSH, KiTTY can be a good bet. And yet, this program can only run on Windows computer so other OS users should consider other options.

  1. PuTTY

If you are looking for a popular SSH client, PuTTY is there for you. This program allows you to connect Windows PC to computer that uses Linux OS. It makes no surprise that PuTTY becomes a favorite as it works well on Windows and Linux. Light weight and resources-friendly are other aspects that make this program more attractive.

PuTTY is also a recommended choice for beginners. This simple application boasts a variety of features to upgrade your skills. Among the best features is profile storage that allows you to redo remote connections on the previously used profile.

  1. PuTTYTray

This application is pretty similar to PuTTY, especially from its appearance. But, PuTTYTray comes with several new features to improve your experience, such as icon image customization, hyperlinking URLs, and ADB and Cygterm connection types. Thanks to add-ons that make this application more functional.

What makes it better? This application is much friendlier to your Windows computer than PuTTY. If you are already accustomed with PuTTY and need an upgrade, PuTTYTray is what you need.

  1. SmarTTY

SmarTTY is specifically designed for Windows OS. This SSH client boasts simple yet sophisticated user interface. It brings tons of features including multiple sessions at one time, URL support, autocomplete, and package management.

Compared to PuTTY, this application is an improvement. It promises improved SSH performance, allowing you to build connection securely and excellently. Thankfully, SmarTTY is free to install.

  1. Solar-Putty

The last but not least, Solar-Putty is the best SSH client for your Windows computer. It comes with extra features to upgrade your experience such as multi-tab interface and multiple sessions. This application also provides stored credentials and Windows search integration. This is another free app you can count on.

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