How to Generate Leads for Your Online Business Using Social Media . Lead generation takes work. Here’s how to use social media to find customers for your new business.

Lead generation is important for all businesses, but especially for new businesses. Many people only consider social media as a way to establish brand recognition and engagement, but it is much more powerful than that. Social media lead generation is a tool that marketers can use to advance their plans to the next level. A marketing checklist should also be in place before they start their efforts.

Social media lead generation could help you connect with potential customers. With these leads, you can not only contact potential customers with news and offers but also easily stay in touch with them.

This post is for anyone who wants to take their social media advertising to the next level. I will give you many great tips to help you level up your lead-generation game. Here are some ways you can get leads from social media.


TikTok is no longer just a place for teens to share funny videos and compete with each other. The truth is that it is a center for business. TikTok has drawn a lot of businesses looking for demand generation due to its rapidly expanding user base and prime advertising demographic of young adults aged 15–24. Pay attention to these three things in particular:

  • It makes marketing plans that start with mobile possible.
  • Brands that want to demand to a younger audience will find this very useful.
  • It lets your company make information that people can trust.

Make how-to movies on TikTok to interest people in your skills and services. Establish yourself as an authority so they will contact you by giving them enough information to get started.


There are two ways to sell a podcast.

If you have a podcast, consider how to use it to get leads. Potential customers might find your podcast an easy way to connect with your business. The next step is turning them from passive listeners into engaged leads and, finally, paying customers.

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Also, reach out to famous and relevant podcasts that might be interested in what you have to say. Establish your authority in your field by getting in touch with them. Ask to be a guest on shows like those shared on YouTube and Apple Podcasts.


If you use Quora well, you can get hundreds of new leads every month, be known as an expert in your field, get thousands of organic pageviews, grow your online community, and even be featured in high-quality foreign magazines.

To be successful, you’ll need a well-thought-out plan for finding the most important questions and giving insightful answers. You’ll also need a plan for getting a lot of fans and keeping an online group active. Then start working on answering questions that come up often.

Facebook & LinkedIn Groups

Do you talk in places like LinkedIn or Facebook, where people can talk online? If you don’t belong to any groups, you should join some or start one for your brand. If your content reaches the people you want it to, you need to work with a group.

Facebook and LinkedIn could be useful for advertising your business, but how you use them will depend on what you do. Both offer advertising choices that can be tailored to what you need to do to get new leads.


You can talk to individuals in your target market in ways that are only sometimes advertising through Twitter. Your tweets, on the other hand, can bring more attention to your business, get people interested in your products, and help you keep in touch with your present customers.