12 Best Games Like Among Us You Can Try In 2021

Games Like Among Us

Following Fall Guys’ insane success, another game has become a town talk. We’re talking about Among Us, which overtook Fall Guys and became the most popular game in the last quarter. Not everything. Well, According to Sensor Tower, Among Us reached the number one spot among the top downloaded games on both Play Store and App Store. So you’ve come to the best place if you enjoyed playing Among Us and you’re looking for more like that. Here we’ve organized the 12 best games like Among Us with a similar theme of social deduction. So let’s go ahead and find the best Among Us alternatives without delay.

12 Games Like Among Us

Well, here are the best games like Among Us that we’ve picked.

List of the Best Among Us Alternatives

1. Project Winter

Games Like Among Us

Project Winter is a game like Among Us, based on treason, confidence, and survival. Like Among us, you have to collect resources, repair structures, and complete a range of tasks to increase your power. It’s a task you have to do. But be aware that traitors have infiltrated your group and are able to earn their confidence to sabotage your group. In addition, Treators can spread your teammates’ lies and oppose each other to the survivors. So basically, Project Winter appears to be a good alternative to Among Us in terms of subject.

In addition, you can communicate with voice chat supporting the location of proximity here, unlike Among Us with a text chat option only. Not to say, Project Winter is a multiplayer game for 8 people, so it’s great. In short, Project Winter is a suitable selection if you want to play a game like Among us with social deception and survival.


2. Deceit

Games Like Among Us

The reason I have placed Deceit on this list is that it — trust and deception — is very similar to Among Us’ social deduction approach. Just like Among Us, on Deceit, you are tasked to find innocent players, build trust and survive anyhow. Deceit is also a multiplayer game with a first-person shooter, but unlike Among Us, there is no local gaming option. Here you wake up with five unknown players in a dingy asylum. Of all the players, two players have a fatal virus and are looking for innocent players and kill them.

On the other hand, you must only build your own instinct to build an alliance with other players. Beware, the infected player can turn out to be your friend, and you could kill yourself. In summary, Deceit is a fast and active FPS game in which tradition, suspicion, and confidence are on your shoulders. I would say that Deceit offers the best gaming experience if you are looking for a game like Among Us on a PC.



Games Like Among Us

Well, If you are looking for a game like Among Us that can be played on any platform, then is what you need. The game can be played on both desktops and smartphones and is available on the web browser. In addition to the Web, there is also a recently released Android app. According to the developer, the app for iOS will be released soon. is now talking about gameplaying, but it’s much harder to play with the same concept of Among Us. Here, you can also play together in a team and find the traitor or become a traitor and trick your own co-workers. There are tasks you have to do and, similar to Among Us, you can call a meeting to vote against your enemies. In general, I would say that is a cool new social deduction game that is easily accessible and a worthy alternative to Among Us.

Download:Web, Android

4. Town of Salem

Games Like Among Us

Well, Town of Salem is one of the best alternatives to Among Us on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. The game is one of the oldest social deduction games for over 8 million users with a player base. While Among Us, you can play in a multiplayer game with 4 to 10 people, the city of Salem has a maximum of 15 players, which makes the game even greater. Not to mention, Among Us, there is not a very long list of characters, while the City of Salem allows you to choose your favorite role from 33 characters. As your view and scope of the game are much bigger, you really enjoy the game of confidence and Deceit. Well, Just like Among Us, here you can be a Town member (good guy), Arsonist, Serial Killer, Mafia, or Neutral.

You must protect the other good guys in your town as a city member, but behind a player, you do not know what the hiding role is. As a result, the players may become mafia or serial assassins and kill you. In other words, the City of Salem is a bigger version of Among us, and I’m sure you’ll love this social allowance game.

Download: WebAndroidiOS and Steam

5. Secret Neighbor

Games Like Among Us

Well, Secret Neighbor is among the few games like Among Us available on the Xbox console. Also, many gamers have been asking for Among Us ports on Xbox and PS4, but because of its unique gameplay, developers have prevented such games from being brought to game consoles. That said, Secret Neighbor won’t disappoint you if you want to play something that is very similar to Among Us on Xbox. The game goes along with six characters who sneak into the home of their Neighbor to find out that the Neighbor is disguised as one of the six players. He fuses into and gains confidence with the rest of the team. As the game advances, the Neighbor must take other players off the locked basement door and move them away.

As members start to disappear and chaos arises among other teammates, this game will be really exciting. Then begins the investigation to find the traitor in the group. I’d say Secret Neighbor has raised a great audience for her remarkable gameplay, and if you want to play trick games like Among us, you have to shoot her.

Download: Steam, Microsoft Store

6. Werewolf Online

Games Like Among Us

Werewolf Online is not just a survivor-traitor game like Among Us, but here you can experience different game elements. The game allows you to gather resources and protect your village against evil forces. There’s a catch, however. In your own village, you have liars who plan to destroy the team and the village. You must find the liar among your ranks and rescue your village under suspicion and disappointment. In a great multiplayer game, you can play up to 16 players. Besides that, in a single game, there are several villages and teams.

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This round wins the last standing team that has thrown out all the traitors. All in all, if you want to taste survival, deathmatch, and lastly, deception, then Werewolf Online is among the best alternatives to Among Us on Android and iOS.

Download: AndroidiOS

7. Werewolves Within

Games Like Among Us

Werewolves Within is just like Among Us, a social VR game, and it is also available on PS4. The gaming community had no positive response, but many go back to Werewolves Within late for their unique gameplay. In a group of 5 to 8 players, you can play, and everybody has a hidden role to play. The game is very quick and brings you into the mix of a good guy as well as a traitor. The match is set in a medieval Gallowston village where the wolves are causing devastation. You are carried to the medieval age, together with your teammates, to save cities.

On the other hand, you can become a tower-coater; you can be a village man who tries to save innocent people. The trick is to find the wolf and get the player out to win the game. Simply put, Werewolves is a sound social deduction game like Among Us, and it’s a good game for you if you love to play the VR game on PS4.

Download: Steam

8. Hidden in Plain Sight

Games Like Among Us

Well, Hidden in Plain Sight is one of the best party games that is very identical to Among Us but can only be played in a local multiplayer setup. Therefore, only a group of 2 or 4 players can play the game. As for gambling, well, without drawing attention to yourself, you need to do tasks. In this case, you must mix into a multitude of AI characters and complete tasks. In addition, members of the crowd must also be eliminated without other players being seen.

Other game modes, like Death Race and Elimination, are available where you are confronted and have to avoid getting attention. To conclude, Hidden in Plain Sight is highly recommended if you want to play another game like Among Us on your desktop.

Download: Steam

9. Enemy on Board

Another multiplayer online game, the Enemy on board, is very similar to Among Us. Again, you can have an 8-player team, 6 of whom are team members and 2 of whom are chosen as imponents. And here, too, members of the crew have to find and kill the impostors to win the round. In other words, the Alien imponents easily merge with the crew members, making it more difficult to hunt them. The situation becomes worse when the generators of the spacecraft are destroyed to stop communication between crew members.

And that is when members of the crew begin to become suspicious – they all repair the generators so that the communication remains alive. I would say that Enemy on Board is a perfect alternative to Among Us for both visual and gameplay, and you should definitely take a shot at it.

Download: Steam

10. Unfortunate Spacemen

Well, Similar to Among Us, which is based in a spaceship, Unfortunate Spacemen brings the same murder and betrayal theme in an extraterrestrial dimension. Death belongs to space life, and all space keepers attempt to rescue themselves from death. Here, You can play in a game with up to 16 players and complete difficult tasks to get away from the monsters who have gone amok.

You can go around, hide and even hunt for other players. Also, there are many modes in the game, such as Story Mode, to fight the Crumerian insect swarm, and then Survival Mode for fighting against large swathes of enemies, and more. The great part of Unfortunate Spacemen is that you can talk with other players here, unlike Among Us, which is wonderful. Discord in the background is not necessary. So all I’d like to say is, if you want another game like Among Us, Unfortunate Spacemen won’t deceive you.

Download: Steam

11. Undercover ^^

The next game to this list is Undercover, which simplifies the hidden identity element from Among Us. To play a local multiplayer game, you only need one Smartphone and 3 and more people. So basically, Undercover is a great choice if you want to involve everyone in a fun social deductions game. It’s all about finding other players’ identities and eliminating them before they get to you as quickly as possible.

You’re a civilian, an undercover, or Mr. White; each player has a role to play. You must complete tasks and give other users a hint about the possible traitor during the process. The game is very interesting since the band gets smaller in terms of who Mr. White is. So I’d say, Undercover is a decent pick when you want to play a simple disillusionment game.

Download: Android, iOS

12. Triple Agent

Well, So you love the deceptive tactics on Among Us? Well, you can play Triple Agent on your Android or iOS device to get a similar experience. The match is packed with bluffs, hidden recognitions, treachery, and social deduction. The great thing about the game is that it can be played on only one device with up to 9 players. Each session takes 10 minutes to assign hidden roles to the players.

You can be a servicer or a double agent for viruses. You must cast doubt on the players and uncover suspicious information to hide your identity while entering your choice. Every player votes at the end of the game and searches for the traitor. Although the game isn’t as exciting as it is among us, it does bring the tricks and deductions. So I’d say, just go forward and try.

Download: Android, iOS

Conclusion: Among Us Alternatives

So these are our choices for the list of top Among Us alternatives. As we pass the list, it is clear that social deduction as a genre is quite new and that not many games on this topic have been developed.

That said, after the success of Among Us, things appear to be changing. We hope to see more types of survivor-traitor games in the next few days, including consoles for several platforms as well. That’s all of us; however, if the list is useful, comment and let us know below.

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