10 Best Flixtor Alternative for Watching Movies Online

Flixtor is an automatic video sharing website where you can discover new movies to watch, and know different kinds of Series. It automatic other streaming websites to scan for new movies hourly. As well, this site allows users to connect with other people and share their taste in movies. Besides, you can watch the trailers of each movie in Flixtor, which can help you to know about the movie if you are new to them. Although, some of the countries require to use VPN to watch TV series and movies on Flixtor. So, we have searched for some of the best Flixtor alternatives to watch your favorite movie. With these Flixtor similar movie websites, you can watch your family’s most excellent movie with your family.

Best Flixtor Alternative for Watching Free Movies Online

These Sites Like Flixtor movie sites, you can watch your Friends and Family’s most excellent movie with your family.

1. Popcornflix
2. Tubi TV
3. MoviesJoy
4. Sony Crackle
5. HotStar
6. LookMovie
7. Free Movies Cinema
8. Vudu
9. Yidio
10. SnagFilms


Flixtor Alternatives

Popcornflix is the best movie site, like Flixtor. This site is made for people who love watching movies for free of charge. With Popcornflix, you can securely watch your favorite TV shows and movies with your family and friends at your home. Popcornflix contains different kinds of movies that can make you scared, laugh, cry, and inspire you. These movie websites also have a lot of documentaries, international movies, and unique TV series. Since Popcornflix is made for everyone, especially those who want to watch free of cost videos, you can start viewing movies with just a few clicks. These reasons were enough to consider this site on our list of great alternatives for Flixtor.

Tubi TV

Flixtor Alternatives

TubiTV is a movie sharing website like Flixtor that has thousands of movies to watch. You can watch movies on this site to any device like Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and even console gaming platforms. As well, you can watch movies within TubiTV without spending any money on it. TubiTV has many videos from studios like Lionsgate, MGM, Paramount, and more, which are among the best movie producers worldwide. So In case you want to register an account, you can make your watchlist where you can add all the TV shows and movies that you want to watch later on. Additionally, you can sync your queue so you can continue watching anywhere.


Flixtor Alternatives

MoviesJoy is an excellent alternative to Flixtor that you can find on our list. This website can stream TV shows and movies without any ads appearing. As well, you can watch your favorite movie in MoviesJoy without paying or registering an account. There are 10,000 movies and TV shows that you can choose to watch. With all of these videos within this movie sharing website, you can select genres like Comedy, Horror, Action, and Sci-Fi. You can also download TV series and movies in MoviesJoy to watch them offline later. Finally, this site is a must-try movie website if you want to watch movies like Flixtor.

Sony Crackle

Flixtor Alternatives

Sony Crackle is Flixtor alternative on our list. This movie site allows users to watch their desired TV shows and movies. It also has its original TV series like The Oath, Jailbait, Going from Broke, Angel of Death, and much more. Just by purchasing a subscription, you can watch any movie you see in Sony Crackle. Also, Sony Crackle can use on almost any platform like Windows, smartphones, Mac, and TV, as well as console gaming like PS3 and PS4. So Another key feature of Sony Crackle is its multitasking capabilities, which you can open another movie while you are currently watching. Therefore, this site keeps on updating new movies and TV shows every week.


Flixtor Alternatives

HotStart is another most popular Flixtor alternative that allows you to watch your favorite movie and TV shows online. Under Start India Private Limited, Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited owns it. So This movie streaming website consists of 100,000 hours of movies and TV content in 9 languages. It also covered significant live sports like the NFL, NBA, FIFA, and more. Since HotStart is a user-friendly site, you can quickly watch movies that even non-techy users can do at ease. Additionally, HotStart also has its original video content like On Air, M Bole Toh, AIB, One Tip One Hand, and more, from India and other countries.

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Flixtor Alternatives

LookMovie is an excellent WEBsite like Flixtor that can provide good quality movies. With this site, you can watch the latest movies that have been shown in the cinema. Besides, each movie in LookMovies shows its ratings on its thumbnail, which can help you to know if the movie is good or not. You can also see if the movie is already in HD quality or not. You can also select the year so that the site will show you the best movies from 1922. Even so, movie ads will appear once you try to play a movie. So You can’t avoid those ads because it is the reason why LookMovie is still working. You have to be patient to close all those ads to start watching your desired movie.

 Free Movies Cinema

Flixtor Alternatives

Free Movies Cinema is a quite decent site like Flixtor that supports many HD quality movies online. So It has a unique feature that lets you choose its Film Playlists like Western Films, VHS depot, War Movies, Zombieflix, and more. You can discover new movies here to watch with Free Movies Cinema. It also shows you the award-winning movies on its main page, which you can already see once you visit its official site. You can start watching these fantastic movies without paying any membership description. So you need is an internet connection and a web browser to start enjoying watching the most excellent movies online. This reason Free Movies Cinema deserves to be one of the best alternatives to Flixtor on our list.


Flixtor Alternatives

Vudu is Flixtor alternative, but not the least. This website has 100,000 titles to watch, and you can watch them without any subscriptions or contracts. Vudu provides enjoyment to its users that viewed 4k UHD video quality at home. Even You can download and watch movies on your mobile devices, which lets you watch them whenever you are while offline. Also, Vudu can play movies on your Windows PC, Xbox One, Mac, PS3 and PS4, and many more. So No matter what device you have, as long as it can connect to the internet, you can surely watch your desired movies. Additionally, Vudu has an app for Microsoft devices and Android and iOS phones.


Flixtor Alternatives

Yidio was established in 2008, and it is indeed one of the best websites like Flixtor. Since Yidio stands for “Your Internet Video,” it allows you to watch TV series and movies online. You don’t have to install anything because it only needs you to have an internet connection and a web browser to watch in Yidio. Yidio has an app that you can install on your Android and iOS devices. Besides, Yidio can let you choose the new TV series and movies to watch from its over 1million videos. You can create a personalized profile to track your favorite shows and movies. You can also turn on a notification whenever there are new TV series and movies in Yidio.



SnagFilms is one of the best sites, like Flixtor. This site has a different design, which makes it look like an old school classic movies. You can also find unique videos in SnagFilms that you won’t usually find on the net. This site has 2000 titles in the collection, and you can select a particular genre like Action, Comedy, Documentaries, Classic, Horror, etc. It also includes eye-opening documentaries and original comedy short movies. You can watch a lot of unique videos in SnagFilms, and also you can watch them on your Windows PC, Mac, mobile phones, and OTT devices. It is indeed a must-try movie website if you want to watch movies online for free of cost.


Flixtor is excellent for watching TV series and movies. You can watch all of your desired movies in the comfort of your house, for free. In case you occur some problems in Flixtor, you can use all of the sites like Flixtor mentioned above. With these Movie Streaming Websites, you won’t miss any chance to get updated with your most frequently watched TV series. You can also view your desired movie with a good quality experience. All of the said movie websites above are safe and trustworthy when it comes to watching TV shows and movies online.

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