How to Fix Netflix Error M7034 on Windows 10 ?


Have you Currently encounter Error code M7034 while starting or viewing Netflix on Windows 10 device. As well, this bug appears due to recent modifications inside the default connection settings. Moreover, users running VPN programs or using a Proxy server may also receive this issue. This bug check often comes with an error message that reads – “Whoops, and something went wrong. Unexpected Error“.

This message above points to a network connectivity issue that is preventing Windows from accessing Netflix services. In the post, we have discussed four different workarounds to resolve the M7034 error. So, These are as follows –

Methods to Resolve Netflix Error M7034 on Windows 10

To solve this Netflix Error M7034 on Windows 10 PC, then try the following suggestions –

1. Restart Computer and Router 

Suppose you are getting the M7034 error while starting Netflix on the computer, rebooting Windows and Modem may fix the issue. Then follow the below steps sequentially to get rid of this error – 

  • -First of all, minimize all running windows & press Shift+Alt+F4 keys together.
  • -Using the drop-down menu, select Shutdown & hit OK.


  • -Now, unplug all the connecting-wires & turn off Router as well. So, If you use a “Mobile hotspot” to access the internet, disable the hotspot instead.
  • -Make sure to move as it is for at least 30 to 40 seconds. 
  • -Next, restart the Router & check whether the indicator lights are functioning correctly or not.
  • -Plug in all the Necessary cords to the computer & Restart Windows. 
  • -Sign in to your PC and try rerunning Netflix. If the error persists, then try the next solution 

2. Connect your Computer directly to the Modem

Note This: This method is applicable only if you are using a Modem to access the Net connectivity. 

This Netflix error M7034 may also occur owing to some issues inside the wireless Router. So, If restarting the Router doesn’t fix the error, try bypassing the Router by connecting the PC directly to the Modem. Here is how to proceed –

  • -Use the Ethernet cable to connect your PC directly to the Modem.
  • -Shut down Windows& unplug the power cable of the Modem. 
  • -Wait for at least 30-40 seconds & plug the Power cable back into the Modem. 
  • -Now, check whether the indicator lights are blinking/not.
  • -If yes, then turn on the computer & attempt to start Netflix again.
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As well, This should work without popping the M7034 error. Though, if not, check what you can do more on Windows 10 PC below –

3. Check for Proper WiFi Signal

To start & run Netflix, one requires appropriate WiFi signals. If you are receiving a bad sign, try moving the Router to a new location. Well, Doing so may improve the overall WiFi signal strength.

Now: If you are getting Volume-related troubles on Netflix, read this article.

4: Restore the default Connection Settings

If you have altered any settings inside the custom connection settings, try restoring the default values. This fundamental custom connection includes using VPN, enabling Proxy, etc. 

Suppose you are using a Virtual Private Network to access restricted media, try disabling them before starting Netflix. Furthermore, if you are using a proxy service, turn off the same browsing to the below location on the PC –

  • Settings (Win+I) > Network and Internet > Proxy

Well, Once you reach the above location, head over to the right side, and scroll down to Manual Proxy Setup. Now, turn off the “Use a proxy server” toggle switch. See the Snapshot below –


Also, Check :

Note this: If you have custom modified the DNS setting, reset it to acquire DNS automatically. 

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