ClickHelp: The Ideal Online Documentation Portal

Having a proper online document management system is essential for your company or even a small business. This is ideal for companies with different offices across the world or businesses that have a small number of employees. Employees can collaborate smoothly to resolve specific issues, and you can also keep client documents protected. One of the best tools to use for such a service is ClickHelp.

What is ClickHelp?

It is a great online documentation tool that can also be used for authoring purposes and it lets users create different types of manuals and documents for both online and offline use. You can also create knowledge bases, tutorials, and FAQs with this software documentation tool. ClickHelp is not an app, so you can only access it through your browser. This tool allows you to work on different types of documents like context help, PDF, policies, and procedures. It is ideal for printed and online documentation. ClickHelp is available for both Mac and Windows OS. It works perfectly on popular browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Benefits of ClickHelp

There are several benefits linked to the use of this software documentation tool. They include:

Ease of Use

This is an excellent help authoring tool that will give you a comfortable time using it. ClickHelp is not that difficult to understand, which is the case in other tools. You can understand how to go about its use immediately and use it for your authoring and documentation tasks. You should try it to enjoy the smooth user experience.

It is Flexible

ClickHelp is designed with excellent flexibility, making it the best to use for different tasks. It can adjust to meet the ever-changing needs of your company. This makes it the best for startups that have a bright future and companies with several departments and several offices across the world. The scalability of this help authoring tool and other notable features make it the best.

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SEO Advantages

ClickHelp comes with an SEO feature that boosts the visibility of your content on various search engines. This is ideal for your frequently asked questions (FAQs), resolution pages, and some articles. Your content will be more optimized, which is essential in boosting search results on different search engines.

Customer Service

This online documentation portal has highly-responsive customer support that is ready to help whenever you are experiencing several challenges. Their lines are open 24 hours a day, so you can reach out to them when you need help.

Features That Make ClickHelp Standout

The following are some of the standout features in this online documentation portal.

  • HTML WebHelp
  • Personalized topic templates
  • Content management
  • Smooth integrations
  • Cloud authoring

Pricing Plan


ClickHelp is very affordable and will offer the best service. Its pricing plan is as outlined below:

Basic – $43/month

Standard- $63/month

Pro- $210/month

Business- $500/month

Custom – $ 58/month

All of them are billed annually. You will enjoy a free trial using this tool. Some of the features you will enjoy in the different plans include a limited number of authors which increases as you pay more, reviewers, topic count, custom branding, and email notification. Those on the business plan are likely to enjoy more features.

ClickHelp is the best tool to create online documentation and publish content to users who can access it through Google or even your company website. Its high levels of effectiveness and easy access make it the best documentation tool for any business model. Making changes to some of the documents is also a simple task. How about you choose ClickHelp as your ideal online documentation portal and authoring tool to enjoy the benefits.

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