Best 5 CleanMyMac Alternatives For Optimizing Your Mac


Is it that you are watching for a method to clean Mac storage without using CleanMyMac? As well, CleanMyMac is one of the popular Mac cleaners available; though, it might not be suitable for all users because of due to its price or cluttered navigation. In case if you are one of those and are looking for an alternative application to clean your Mac, then we have got the solution for you in this blog post.

So, To clear the Mac storage, you will require the best Mac cleaning application. Now, you will find the curated list of apps used as a CleanMyMac alternative for Mac. These Applications to clean Mac are one of the utilities you must-have for your Mac.

Best 5 CleanMyMac X Alternatives.

Here is the list of top 5 applications like CleanMyMac:

1. MacBooster 8
2. DiskClean Pro
3. DaisyDisk
4. CCleaner
5. AVG Tuneup Premium

MacBooster 8


MacBooster 8 is one of the best CleanMyMac alternatives. This is quite popular and does excellent as a cleaner for Mac. So, With the ability to clean Mac, it can be used as one of the apps like CleanMyMac. This comprises tools like Memory Cleaner, Uninstaller for Mac, Startup Optimization, Large and Old Files, Duplicate Finder. It has a Turbo Boost feature, making it the list one of the best CleanMyMac X alternatives. It is a premium tool with some security and cleaning features for Mac optimization.


  •     Scan for Virus.
  •     Beautiful interface.
  •     Remove duplicates.
  •     Boost performance.



The DiskClean Pro ranks number one in the list for the applications like CleanMyMac as it has all the useful features to help you clean Mac. This is one of the most affordable cleaners for Mac with all the necessary modules to optimize Mac. The DiskClean Pro answers all your queries to clean Mac storage and to optimize it. This is one of the best CleanMyMac alternatives because it precisely removes junk, temporary, cache, and logs files from Mac. This will also delete the crash reports and partial downloads from the Mac storage to make space for you. So, This Mac cleaning app is the best way to help you optimize your Mac. This can not get better at this price for all the features you get with this CleanMyMac alternative.

Highlights –

  • Remove the old downloads.
  • Large files can be traced easily.
  • Scans and deletes duplicate files.
  • So, Deletes old backup files to make more space.
  • It provides internet safety by removing traces online.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Most affordable prices.
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DaisyDisk is also a good CleanMyMac alternative at an affordable price. It is one of the essential apps to clean Mac with the different modules available on it. DaisyDisk presents Mac cleaning in a very colorful interface. Mac storage scan takes a few minutes, and it will show results for the files to be deleted. You can have a quick view of the app before you decide to delete a file. Remove the junk created by the user, system, and applications by using it.


  • Fast scan speed for quick results.
  • Inform about disk filling up in real-time.
  • ‘Quicklook’ feature to check file contents before deleting.
  • Delete large files on Mac.



This CCleaner is another of the commonly known names in the Mac cleaning apps. This proves to be a good CleanMyMac free alternative with limited features. You can get the free version as a Mac cleaner to increase your Mac’s speed and provide privacy protection. This will lack real-time protection, automatic updates, and premium support, only available in the premium version of this CleanMyMac alternative for Mac. However, you get to optimize your Mac with the use of this Mac cleaner.


  •     Remove clutter.
  •     Make your Mac fast.
  •     Erase browsing tracks.
  •     Select the files and folders that you need to clean.

AVG Tuneup Premium


AVG TuneUp For Mac is also another in the list of the best CleanMyMac X alternatives. It comes as a solution for cleaning Mac Storage. It has some of the unique features, such as cleaning of bad quality images. It will quickly identify the blurry photos on your Mac storage and remove them. You can quickly get rid of the junk files and the duplicates from your disk. Using apps like CleanMyMac, you can make more space in the disk storage.


  • Remove junk.
  • Clean hidden files.
  • Finds and removes duplicates.
  • Finds bad quality photos to delete them.

Final Words :

When you have opted to look for a CleanMyMac alternative, it is evident you need a better Mac cleaning app. You will have to choose from the list of options available in the AppStore. But if it’s too confusing for you, take a look at the list mentioned earlier to select the best Mac cleaning app for your Mac.

All of these apps, like CleanMyMac, will give you a solution to optimize your Mac. We would suggest you go for the most affordable tool – DiskClean Pro. It comes with all the necessary tools and is available on AppStore with excellent ratings.

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