Language Change on Amazon? Guide Complete


Amazon offers its services in more than 50 countries and 75 languages. But if you are in the US and go to Amazon, you will only see English and Spanish as language choices. There is an easy way to get to Amazon’s hundreds of other languages. This trick may be helpful if you live in a multilingual home or if you share your account with family members who may speak a different language than you do. You may need to change the region and the language on Amazon.

For example, if I want to use Amazon in Hindi, I must change my buying region to India. In India, Bengali, Hindi, and Tamil are all language choices. Choosing a region where your language of choice is widely spoken is the trick here. Also, different regions may have different businesses, currencies, and products. If you keep your account address the same, Amazon will keep showing you things that can be shipped within the United States. The process is easy to understand. But it’s a little different on Amazon’s website and app, so each must be done separately.

Language Change on Amazon? Guide Complete

How To Change Language On The Amazon App?

  • In the Amazon app, click the three bars across the bottom. When you open the app on iOS or Android, you’ll be able to see them.
  • After clicking the bars, scroll down until you notice the Settings button at the bottom of the screen. This will open a new app area for you. Start by going to Settings and then Language and Country.
  • On the next page of the app, you may change your region. Since some languages are region-restricted, you can only select a language that is widely spoken in the area of your choice.
  • When you choose and click Done, your language will be changed.
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How To Change Language On The Amazon Website?

  • AmazonThe Amazon website looks slightly different based on your region, but the process is almost identical everywhere. Most regional homepages have a sign for each country to the right of the search bar. If you don’t see one there, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see a list of areas that can be reached. You may browse all the languages supported in your region by clicking the button next to the flag.
  • If you see a language you’d like to use in your region, click it, and the website will change immediately.
  • To see more languages, click on a different country or region. A drop-down menu app with a list of places is displayed when you choose this choice. To change the language, click the relevant region.
  • If you need to get back to the language you started with, do the whole process again.

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