9 Gadgets Every College Kid Needs

As a freshman, or a sophomore alike, steering through a routine college day is riddled with enormously demanding academic responsibilities. Thanks to technology, there is an array of gadgets that could help streamline a college student’s life in a much more effective way.

Here is a list of nine accessories to smoothen out the distractions of a fast-paced routine all the while helping out with staying on track with studies as well as updates on social life that is lived through social media mostly.

  1. Phone Battery Case

With constant use of the cellphones, the time to discontinue usage and put it idle on a power plug is just a waste of time. Why not keep the phone charging while using it continuously through a phone battery case (although it is advised to give your eyes and thumbs a break every once in a while)!!

  1. Flexible Power Strip

As a student living in shared spaces like dormitories, it would be difficult to find a power outlet everywhere and for everyone using electronic devices. That is where a flexible power strip comes in handy as it gives multiple power outlets and easy to fit through nooks and crannies due to its bendable feature.

  1. Charging Backpack

As already discussed, the woes of a depleting battery for all the electronic devices are more than the youngsters of this age can bear. It becomes critical to have a power source when travelling out of the house or college to stay connected (with the world!). A charging backpack provides the convenience of keeping all electronic devices charged while being out and about. With charging stations both and outside the backpack, it gives multiple charging slots and easier to carry with its cushioned design.

  1. Reading Light

Reading paperbacks seems like a foregone activity with everything Google-able and read online. You might still find some professors preferring to give reading assignments which could mean going to the library and getting issued a ‘real’ book. The best way to read if you cannot find time during the daylight is to get a reading light and snuggle into bed while reading page after page, without disturbing your roommate.

  1. Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
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Having a spread-out keyboard makes it easier to take notes, writing an accounting essay, responding to emails, and any kind of internet research. A Bluetooth-enabled wireless keyboard is a must-have for all the nerds out there as well as the gaming aficionados.

  1. Smartwatch

Technological advancements have been compacting the size of gadgets while lacing them with enormous storage and processing capacity. Smartwatch is an ingenious device with a built-in watch, music player, activity tracker, calendar, workout assistant, and many more features. By syncing it up with your phone via Bluetooth, forget about ever having to pull out the phone.

  1. Smart Pen

Using the similar technology, Smart Pen is a brilliant input device for students especially for note-taking and information transfer within synced devices. With a portable Smart Pen, students can take notes to keep them handy all the time without the need to carry a paper and pen.

  1. Heated Travel Mug

A heated travel mug is a god-sent with its convenient and smart design. No matter where you go, as long as you have your laptop, phone battery case, or charging backpack, you can get a hot cup of any hot beverage any time you fancy, by keeping the mug charged via USB port.

  1. Noise Cancellation Headphones

As a student, one needs to focus for long hours amid all the chaotic distractions called college life. Noise cancellation headphones provide the solace students would need to keep their calm while finishing up an assignment in a buzzing cafeteria, or unwinding with their favorite tunes sitting in any shared space.

Cellphones serve as the metaphorical ‘lifeline’ for most, if not all, students in current age of information. Every minute counts since with the bulk of information being disseminated on all the different online platforms, missing out on any major trends could mean being digitally ignorant. And who could afford to be tagged that? Not the not-so-average student who can use any of these gadgets without missing a beat.

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